Who We Are

Our mission is to provide a solution for those overwhelmed with planning, and help the citizens of the world travel smart and experience more.
Guidester strives to be an international entity that brings travel planning into the 21st century.
We are dedicated to providing the best information personalized for individual travelers to create the most genuine experience possible.

Our Why

At Guidester, we want to make the process of planning trips as stress-free as possible. Without Guidester, people spend countless hours researching what to see and do before their vacation. True personalization does not exist online or in traditional guidebooks.

Guidester changes everything.

At Guidester, we know that there is a better way to spend your time than researching online. Guidester’s personal guidebooks are created based on traveler preferences through an easy to use ‘vacation profile’. We also believe that Guidester’s approach almost eliminates time spent in the hotel deciding how the day ahead should be spent. Guidester not only helps travelers solve these problems, but it prepares them in a way no other tool can with comprehensive cultural information.Our story. Our story.

Our Story

Our story begins in 2014 when founder Jack Baumann’s own travel experiences too often left him overwhelmed, underprepared, and missing much of his experience. He recognized a need to shift to a personalized approach for content geared toward travelers’ individuality and interests. Soon after, his sister Beth Weimholt joined the team bringing new ideas and passion to the business. Jessie Dalton joined a year later, fresh off a 5-month travel adventure, with just the right toolkit to help continue to grow the startup.

Today, Guidester provides a solution for people overwhelmed with travel planning, those seeking a personal solution, and those that want to ensure the ultimate experience on their vacation.  By answering a simple series of questions, Guidester’s travel experts create customized and personalized guidebooks for travelers looking to maximize their vacation experience.

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Meet Our Team

Jack Baumann
Founder + CEO

Jack has traveled frequently since he was a child, which sparked a passion for adventure, history, and cultural exchange. It was from this love of culture and adventure that brought Jack to the U.K. to study for his Masters in Ancient Greek and Roman Archaeology. He traveled solo around Europe often, and it was here that the idea for Guidester was born. Like most travelers, he found himself overwhelmed and frustrated with the countless hours spent researching each destination.

Beth Weimholt
Co-Founder + Production

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Beth’s relocations and travels nurtured a love for discovering new and exciting places. After earning her M.S. in Geosciences in 2008, Beth spent the next few years in academia and growing her family. In 2014, she decided to take the plunge and join her brother to develop a solution for travelers with the same woes she experienced first hand.

Jessie Dalton
Co-Owner + Development

Jessie left her accounting job in 2015 to travel around Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA. Upon returning, she joined Jack & Beth in their endeavor to change the way the world travels. With a BSBA and MA, she has a keen understanding of the acumen necessary to run a business at large. She’s also a US-Italian dual citizen, a seasoned traveler, and has an innate thirst for knowledge.

Sarah Gallo
Lead Travel Consultant

Sarah Gallo, owner of the Five Foot Traveler, will be joining our team as Guidester’s dedicated personal travel planner.  Sarah has traveled to all 7 continents and 81 countries. For the past several years she has been working as a freelance writer and getting sponsored to travel the world. Sarah is a seasoned traveler and will bring an experienced eye to our new planning services.