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Every journey begins with a single step.

In order to understand your journey, we need you to fill out a simple vacation profile to better understand the specifics of what you want to accomplish on your trip.

Once your vacation profile is complete, our travel experts will work with you directly to ensure you have the experience that you truly desire. All it takes is a single step!

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Save Time & Alleviate Stress

  • All the research on what to see and do – tailored to your interests and needs – is done for you.
  • Spend time doing what’s most important.
  • Eliminate carrying bulky guidebooks with your personal Guidester’s interactive, digital format.

Enhance Your Trip

  • Personalized recommendations, custom maps, and important destination and cultural information.
  • No rigid itinerary or group tour.  Do what you want, when you want.
  • Get your Guidester in high-quality print and/or a digital, interactive version that is compatible with any smart device.

Get Peace of Mind

  • All the research on what to see and do – tailored to your interests and needs – is done for you.
  • No more spending countless hours combing through websites and overloaded guidebooks.

How It Works

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See What Our Clients Have To Say

The guidebook was very helpful in making my trip to Ireland a success! I stay very busy with work and had no time to research prior to my travels. The work was done for me with Guidester.

Tina & Wally G. – Ireland

I wasn’t familiar with Ireland. We needed a little guidance. That’s exactly what Guidester gave us. Our book was tailor made just for us. Guidester let us take our dream trip and do it our way! Thank you Guidester!

Hames, G. – Ireland

From what to see, eat, and how to get there, the guidebook was invaluable. We experienced things that we would never have ventured into had it not been for the wealth of information the Guidebook contained. It took all of the guesswork out of enjoying England!

Beth & Craig, B. – London & Paris

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