Get Your Adrenaline Fix in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world’s adventure meccas and is sure to satisfy the needs of all the adrenaline junkies out there. Activities range from ziplining to rappelling down a waterfall. Here’s five adventure activities in Costa Rica to choose from to get your adrenaline kick.

1. Go ziplining through the cloud forest

Get an adrenaline rush and go sightseeing at the very same time by tackling a ziplining course. There’s a number of ziplining operators in Costa Rica – especially in Monteverde. Each course offers dozens of ziplines ranging in speed and length.
Ziplines on offer include a 1500 metre ‘Superman’ zipline. For this zipline, you lay down in the harness with arms outstretched so you feel like you’re flying above the forest.
The Tarzan Swing has you plummeting into a freefall from a platform before swinging back and forth above the forest.

2. Rappel down a waterfall

In the small town of La Fortuna, you can sign up to rappel alongside Gravity Falls.
Desafio Adventures offers a two hour rappelling and canyoning adventure starting at Gravity Falls. The activity then heads down the canyon where you complete a series of cliff jumps and rappels.
Not up for rapelling down a waterfall? That’s ok, you can just visit one. The 70 metre La Fortuna waterfall is located about 3.5 miles from the centre of La Fortuna near the Arenal Volcano, and is perfect for a dip on a hot day. Be warned there’s a few hundred steps down to the waterhole – and what goes down, must come up. Entry to the La Fortuna Waterfall is $US12, which goes towards conservation efforts in the area.

3. Bungee jump from Central America’s highest platform

Extremo Monteverde offers the highest bungee jump in Central America. The jump is from a cable car suspended 150 metre above the trees.
You’re taken out in the cable car in groups of three with two instructors. The instructors attach a bungee cord to your ankles, they count down from five and then you dive head first but stop well short of the trees below.
The cost of the bungee jump is $US60. Talk about one of the most ultimate adventure activities.

4. Get wet whitewater rafting

If you want to give whitewater rafting a go, then you can book a tour taking you on Class 2-3 rapids in the Balsa River. You’ll have about two hours of rafting time taking a journey about six miles down the river. There are a number of tour operators in La Fortuna running the activity and they supply all the equipment.

5. Hike to a volcanic crater lake

If you have visiting a volcanic crater on your bucket list, then book a hike to Cerro Chato – the volcanic crater next to Arenal Volcano. Unfortunately, the Arenal Volcano is off limits to hikers as it’s considered too dangerous to climb, but the next best thing is a volcanic crater you can swim in.

The hike up to the Cerro Chato crater lake is challenging and takes about four hours return. It’s a very steep uphill climb most of the way on a jungle trail.

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