5 Best California Campsites

Camping takes some hard-work like buying perfect camping gears, unpacking, pitching the tent, unrolling sleeping bags, setting up chairs and arranging all other things that you may need. At the end of the day, if the camping spot you choose is not a good one, it can be very dissatisfying.

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If you are interested in camping in California, there are a number of quality camping spots to choose from. Following are 5 best California campsites:

1. Kirby Cove Campground

Being one of the most popular camping spots in California, Kirby Cove Campground is very hard to reserve. Camping in here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of San Francisco city and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. There are 5 big camping sites in the campground. Kirby Cove Campground is so popular that you need to reserve a few months in advance. Camping in Kirby Cove Campground cost $25 per night. The site is open from April through November. You can expect to have all the facilities you may need in the beautiful campsites in Kirby Cove.

Tip: It is important to pack warm layers even in summer as the area can be cool, windy and foggy.

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2. Jumbo Rocks Campground

Located in Joshua Tree National Park, Jumbo Rocks Campground is a great off the grid location for camping. This is a great place to enjoy the sandy spots amid the rocks and experience stunning sunsets. Hiking the Skull Rock Nature trail and beholding skilled climbers to attempt the rock faces are very popular activities for campers here. In 2016 alone, the campground received over 2.5 million record visitors. So, you can expect to see plenty of company in your camping adventure in Jumbo Rocks Campground. You need to pay $25 for parking for a week plus $15 per night for staying in the campground.

3. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a great place to enjoy crystal blue waters. It boats of miles of shorelines with spectacular views. Swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and even scuba diving are some popular activities here. And hiking is part of the adventure as always. There are over 250 campsites in the area and you can explore at least a few to have an unforgettable camping experience. You need to pay $35 to $45 per night plus fee for your camping in the park.

Tip: May to September is the best time to camp here.

4. Jalama Beach County Park

If you are a hard-core beach camper, you are going to love Jalama Beach Country Park. It’s a very remote place as it is over 14 miles away from the city center. Apart from enjoying the beach 24/7, you can expect to enjoy clam environment, kiddie water parks and its amazing hotels. There are great quality restaurants and on-site facilities for all your needs. You can get access to Wi-Fi as well. There is a $25-$30 charge for per night’s stay.

5. El Capitán Canyon

If you like car camping, this is a place you will love. You enjoy living in dense forest and also have stunning views of the ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. Camping in the El Capitán Canyon is like staying in a safari lodge. There are plenty of opportunities for experiencing local foods and wines. Campers love tasting its local wine, enjoying barbecues in Saturday night live music, and take Swedish and hot rock massages available on-site. The cost of staying in safari tents is fairly high, as it ranges from $145 to $170.

Important Tips

Having perfect camping gears is very important in ensuring you don’t face any uncomfortable situation. Having one of the best portable inverter generators can be a great way to have enough energy supply for your camping caravan. If you want to enjoy a luxury camping experience, go for one of the luxury camping tents available in the market. These important camping gears make life easy for campers.

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