7 Best Attractions in Paros, Greece

Paros is a popular tourist destination in Greece bestowed by numerous bounties. It is ideal for a quick weekend getaway or a luxurious vacation for couples. The Paros Island is located in the heart of the Cyclades islands on the Western side of Naxos.  Paros is said to be a true reflection of the traditional Greek beauty and culture that features stunning churches, quaint fishing villages and Cycladic architecture making it ideal for a holiday with your loved one.

A trip to Greece is not complete without visiting white sandy glistening beaches, the glittering night life, and great food. Paros is a popular tourist destination in Greece bestowed by numerous bounties and is ideal for a quick weekend getaway or a luxurious vacation for couples. Paros similarly offers delectable cuisine and extraordinary beaches. The island is also famous for wind and sea sports, such as kite surfing. Due to these water sports, Paros has been labelled as the “must-visit” tourist destination for all those couples who desire an adrenaline rush.  The island offers a lot of diversity, giving tourists numerous activities to opt for during their stay in Paros.

Here is a complete tourist guide to Paros for all those planning their next vacation to Greece and the best Paros attractions.

1. Naoussa

Naoussa is a fishing village in Paros that offers a vibrant nightlife experience to all tourists. It is said to be the second most popular village in Paros. It is a busy neighborhood surrounded by small restaurants and taverns. If you are heading to Paros to enjoy the nightlife, then there are numerous bars and night clubs for you to explore that are open till dawn.

2. Marble Quarries

The marble quarries in Paros were abandoned long ago, but during the Roman era it is said that more than 150,000 workers mined these quarries. The quarries have been named as The Marathi Marble Quarries and are popular for the Parian white fine marble sought after by sculptors for its great consistency. The place is ideal for those interested in the Roman Empire, geology, and natural restoration sites.

3. Parikia

Parikia is the capital of Paros and is the main port on the island. Parikia boasts traditional Greek architecture with numerous churches and beaches. It is an extremely popular tourist destination as people first land here. It is the commercial and cultural hub of the island.

Tip: Apart from the multiple taverns, tourist destinations, bars and clubs, the Church with the 100 gates in Paros is an attraction you simply should not miss.

4. Villas in Paros

Villas in Paros are architectural masterpieces that have breath-taking interiors and exterior. Those who want to enjoy a calm, serene and luxurious vacation in Paros need to book a private villa. With numerous amenities such as indoor swimming pools, spacious rooms, private kitchens and lush gardens, the villas are ideal for those who wish to enjoy the real essence of the Greek culture. However, villas in Crete that boast all these amazing qualities can be quite hard to find at times so it’s beneficial you find a good collection of villas to choose from that fit your ideal criteria. A beautiful range of villas I found that offer the most exclusive and private services are the Blue Villas Collection. Having luxury villas all over Paros that range in prices to fit your budget, they’re popular for their secluded locations and luxurious holiday destinations.

Tip: Since Paros is always buzzing with tourists, booking a villa beforehand will help you to avoid any potential inconveniences

5. Pounda Beach

Close to the port of Parikia, Pounda beach is extremely popular among tourists for its sparkling turquoise waters, beach bars and water sports. The beach has also become a popular point as tourists travel from Pounda to other neighboring islands.

6. Golden Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Paros is the Golden Beach. It features soft sand and crystal-clear waters, making it ideal for those who wish to lounge in the sun. Since the weather is ideal for windsurfing in Paros, each year an international windsurfing competition is held where surfers from across the globe participate.

7. Frankish Castle

The Frankish Castle is attractive tourist destination. Although the Castle has lost its original form and is now a partial ruin, it still manages to reflect the Greek charm, history and extravagance. The castle was constructed using materials acquired from the Temple of Demeter in the 1200’s by the Venetians – the castle also has a striking resemblance to the temple.

It is situated in the old town of Parikia which is the highest point of the town. This gives tourists a miraculous view of the city and the surrounding neighborhood. The beautiful architecture sets this castle apart, making it a perfect attraction for tourists.

Reaching Paros

To reach Paros, tourists will have to take a three-hour long ferry from Athens or any other island they are departing from. They will then reach Parikia, a small port in Paros. All ferries harbor at the windmill, which is also a historical landmark.

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  1. Golden Beach is a well known holiday destination of the world where I stay for two days. I really enjoyed there photography and came back with a lot of pleasant memories. In my point of view it is a perfect place for family vacations. I would love to go there again if I get any chance.

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