Best Places In Switzerland: Beyond Zurich & Geneva

Everybody knows about the incredible natural beauty Switzerland offers –surrounded by the Alps and with several beautiful lakes, it’s almost otherworldly. This can be said for the entire country, so what are the must-sees? Here are some of the best places to visit in Switzerland for a magical vacation.

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This is an obvious choice, however a lot of tourists tend to miss it. The Lauterbrunnen valley inspired J.R.R Tolkien’s landscapes in “Lord of the Rings” – and if you’ve ever been there you will know why.

Located between some of the most majestic mountains of the European Alps, such as the “Jungfraujoch”, and with beautiful waterfalls that add something magic to this valley, Lauterbrunnen is definitely one of the best places to visit in Switzerland.

Tip: Look for rides to reach mountain peaks for an astonishing views and even visit a waterfall inside one of caves! Get more information and find out where that underground waterfall is in your personal travel guide by Guidester.


Maybe I’m biased when it comes to Lucerne, but it’s by far my favorite city in Switzerland. But what is so special there? Firstly, Lucerne is next to the “Vierwaldstättersee”, one of the most magnificent lakes in whole Switzerland. Secondly, Lucerne is in the middle of the Swiss Alps: You can visit amazing mountains like the Rigi, Titlis, Pilatus and many more within less than an hour.

Tip: Take in the view from the mount Pilatus…it is will be one of the best views you’ve ever witnessed.

Don't miss the incredible history Lucerne has to offer!

From the old town with its famous wood bridge to the beautiful Baroque churches along cobblestone streets, Guidester ensures you don’t miss a thing.


Lugano doesn’t get a lot of credit when talking about the best places to visit in Switzerland, but it absolutely should! Admittedly it doesn’t offer the views from the Swiss alps, nor does it have the most outstanding old town. Yet Lugano has its own charm – with a mix of Swiss and Italian culture and history, it combines a range of styles of architecture and cultures.

Not for nothing, Lugano is called the “Swiss Rio de Janeiro”. When you stand on top of the “Monte Bré” or the “San Salvatore”, which are the main attractions of Lugano, you will feel like you are in the Brazilian metropolis.


Finally, we’re coming to the BEST insider tip. It might not be a surprise that it’s, once again, a place in the Swiss Alps. However, the Glattalp is completely different from the famous mountains I mentioned before: Most Swiss people don’t even know it!

To reach it you must drive deep into the “Muotathal” and take a tiny cable car. The cable car only transports 8 people at once every 30 minutes – you can access booking through your personal travel guide by Guidester

At the top you will see more goats and cows than people. And after a one hour hike, you will reach the “Glattalpsee” (Lake of Glattalp) which is indescribable. The reflection in the clear water is so perfect that it’s hard to even see the difference between water and mountains.

Switzerland has so many beautiful places – it’s not possible to put all of them in a list!

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