Top 9 Panoramic Restaurants in Rome

The romantic dinner with the admirable city view from the restaurant terrace is what you really need to make your evening special. Of course, you overpay for panoramic view, elegant interior, chef’s name and Michelin stars. Nevertheless, it worth the money you spend.

Tip: Most of luxury restaurants has special offer with the budget menu.

1. Mirabelle Restaurant

The restaurant Mirabelle is placed on the seven’s floor of Splendide Royal Hotel to be one of the most picturesque Roman restaurants of roof-garden category. The restaurant is lighted from the panoramic windows to go to the admirable view to the historical city center. The soft lights, flowers, glassy vases, vintage ceramics make the atmosphere elegant. The guests are offered to try traditional dishes of the local and international cuisine to be the triumph of gastronomic eclecticism. What is more, there is a big wine shop full of Italian and foreign wine samples. Some of them are high-quality vintage wines.

2. Minerva Roof Garden Restaurant

This is a pearl in the center of Rome. The restaurant is placed in the historical building to be the city heritage. The luxury restaurant is the best visiting card of the Grand Hotel de la Minerve, situated close to the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain. The restaurant is situated in the terrace of the glorious hotel. You can enjoy not only with the cuisine masterpieces, but spend enjoyable time to meet the sunset.

3. Imago Restaurant

The panoramic restaurant is more than 50 years old. It was awarded with the Michelin star as the most popular restaurant of Rome. Traditional Napoli cuisine shines with new colors due to the unique combination of Asian ingredients from the world popular chef Francesco Apreda. The restaurant is situated in the six floor of Hassler Hotel in the center of Rome. The elegant interior, calm music, glassy tables, romantic lights make you out of time and environment. The panoramic view is amazing! The top of the church seems to be near at hand. The restaurant makes the atmosphere of beautiful life and interesting meetings.
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4. La Pergola Restaurant

La Pergola is situated in Rome Cavalieri Hilton. This is the only one restaurant of Rome that was awarded with three Michelin stars. This is not only the best Italian restaurant but the best restaurant of Rome. It is rich in rare carpets and Gobelins from Aubusson, precious arts, Sevres ceramics, bronze candelabras, antique furniture and big collection of glassy elements from Emile Galle.

Look out the window! The view is amazing! The Old city is at your feet. The summer evening is amazing from the restaurant terrace. Look at the stars. The dome of the Basilica di San Pietro seems to bed near here. You want to touch it from your place!

5. Majestic Hotel Restaurant

The restaurant is situated on the terrace with the view to Via Vento. The Ristorante Bistrot is like a workshop to offer unique dishes and wines to all guests. The combination is really fantastic. Of course, the restaurant menu is mostly represented with the seafood variations. Rome is also famous of its meat dishes and European ingredients to emphasize the chef’s motherland. The ingredients are organic, natural and fresh. They are taken in the local farms to increase food effectiveness. So, the food must be tasty and useful.

6. La Terrazza dell’Eden Restaurant

The Michelin restaurant La Terrazza dell’Eden and bar are situated on the roof of Eden Hotel to be the perfect place to enjoy cocktails and panoramic view. The restaurant was opened more than 120 years ago. This is still to be one of the best visited viewing platforms in the city. There are three perfect rules to make this place successful: perfect food quality (restaurant chef Fabio Ciervo masterfully combines dishes and ingredients from different cultures), perfect service and perfect city view. There is one more thing: you can smoke here. The price for dinner is about 120-140 EUR. Degustation menu costs about 165 EUR.

7. Casina Valadier Restaurant

Welcome to the greatest and glorious villa of the 19th century! It is better to hire a car in Rome and get to the restaurant full force. The view from the restaurant is one of the most impressive. The most of decoration elements are original. The ceiling is decorated with beautiful frescoes. This place boasts with good reputation. The cuisine is mostly Italian, cooked by the traditional recipes. As a rule, this place is popular for locals and their families. The restaurant dress code is casual and holiday clothes.

8. Hotel Forum Restaurant

There is a Forum Restaurant in the heart of the Forum Hotel – the only one restaurant in Rome, where you can learn history. The restaurant is placed on the roof of a hotel. The city is at your feet full of eсcentric memories about the sweet life of the past centuries. You should not come if you want to have fast and plane dinner. You have to enjoy with tasty aroma, new tastes, delicacies, confectionery, the choice of wines that meets your requirements. The breakfast is waiting for you from 7 till 10.30 a.m. You are offered to enjoy the variety and quality of salty and sweet dishes, different sorts of tea, coffee and chocolate. The restaurant welcomes about 145 guests all together.

9. Circus Bar Roof Garden Restaurant

Circus Bar is situated in the Forty Seven Hotel. This is a perfect place to meet the sunset with the city view and surrounded landscapes. Traditionally, the most of restaurants in Rome are situated in the territory of hotels. The Roof Garden is also placed on a top of the hotel roof.

The panoramic view is amazing! You can see Coliseum and try local cuisine. These are the main working principles to keep this restaurant on the top of your list for romantic dinner. Look at the menu! There are many different positions that are changing every day. Nevertheless, the fish dishes are visiting card of this place. You should try tune tartar with avocado sauce and say YES to aromatic risotto made of langoustines.

To make the TOP list full, you have to add one more panoramic place of your choice!

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  1. I like Roma. I was there only one time but i think that that place is the best in the whole world! a Pizza and a Pasta, Sun and Winter all in this city are tasty.

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