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11 Places You Can’t Miss When Visiting Ireland

With beauty around every corner, deciding on things to do in Ireland can prove difficult. In my opinion, when you visit Ireland it’s all about mixing together the major landmarks, the culture, and the landscapes. Balance is key. Here is a basic itinerary that offers a mix of city, country, and culture. This is especially

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The Seven Wonders of Wales

Wales is one amazing place that makes part of the larger United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Wales) highly underrated. Wales’ history has left a landscape packed full of hill forts from the Iron Age, Roman ruins and medieval castles – second maybe only to the awe-inspiring scenery. When trying to figure out what things to

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7 Best Places to Visit in Austria

Visitors to Austria are drawn as much for the scenic beauty of this Alpine provinces as they are for splendid cities like the historic capital of Vienna and beautiful Salzburg, birthplace Mozart. These are the best places to visit in Austria – some you’ve heard of and some you haven’t! Share this article! Share on

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The Top Five Travel Tips For Europe You Must Know

These are the travel tips you need to follow to get the most out of your trip. Europe is a top destination for Americans and for obvious reasons – from ancient ruins and grand basilicas to the best museums in the world, sweeping mountain towns, and the best food you’ll ever taste.  Here are the

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3 Exhilarating Ways to Explore the Lake District

If you’re planning an activity holiday in the UK and are looking for spectacular scenery and wildlife, history and culture, you should definitely visit the Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Situated in Northwest England, the Lake District is centered around the main towns of Keswick, Windermere, Ambleside and Bowness-on-Windermere.  Did you know? It’s England’s largest national park

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U.S. Passport Rules Have Changed – Here is What You Need to Know

Passport changes have come in last year, and if you plan on traveling in the future you need to be well-versed in these changes. While it is normally easy to acquire or renew a passport, the State Department says there’s about to be a massive backlog of passport applications. Plus, passports themselves are going to

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A Traveler's Guide to Eating In Spain and Staying Healthy

From sun-ripened fresh fruit and vegetables to nuts, fish, dairy and olive oil, Spain has long been recognized around the world for its cuisine. The Spanish diet is a typical example of this type of healthy Mediterranean living. For those traveling to Spain, understanding the cuisine, food culture, and following a few key Spain food travel

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The 7 Best Wineries in Tuscany

Tuscany has long been associated with breathtaking scenery and some of Italy’s best made wines. In this enchanting landscape of rolling hills and winding roads, you’ll find glorious sunflower fields, ancient olive groves, medieval ruins, and wonderfully wild forests. And, of course, world-class wineries. Wine touring here is not about a five-minute tasting at a

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8 Amazing Places to Visit in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the largest countries in the Balkans, set along the coast of the Black Sea, and is hidden gem of Europe. Believe it or not there are endless ancient sites to explore, fascinating culture, and breathtaking scenery in this gem of Eastern Europe. From beautiful cities and resort towns, to captivating mountain ranges,

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7 Awesome Things to Do In Cinque Terre

Italy’s most famous five fishing villages, known as Cinque Terre, have found its way onto the bucket list of many travelers. The reasons for that lie in the dramatic coastal scenery, sinuous paths, 19th-century railway, vernacular architecture, and colorful houses. If these charming villages are on your travel list, here are a few fantastic things to

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5 Reasons You Should Visit Germany

Germany is a diverse country with so much to offer its visitors. It is a remarkable place to explore and enjoy the great outdoors where you can travel back to medieval times at the center of its modern cities. Apart from its breathtaking attractions, exceptional festivities, and multi-cultural diversity, you will surely witness a lot

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