Courtney’s Greece Cruise

Courtney was taking a cruise in the Greek Islands and was overwhelmed with what do at each port of call. She didn’t want to follow the herd or take a generic tour.


Maximizing Courtney’s limited time at ports of call and avoiding tourist traps and cookie-cutter excursions.


A custom guide full of authentic experiences based on their personal interests.


They got an authentic flavor of each place they visited. Instead of going to the crowded and overrun tourist traps, they watched the sunset from incredible local wineries, swam on more secluded beaches, and saw ancient ruins on their own time.

“I used Guidester for a cruise I went on and it gave me great info on each port as far as places to see, things to do, where to eat, etc. It’s a great tool especially if you want to have good guidance on what to do during your travels.” -Courtney B.