David’s European Adventure

David was traveling to three countries and quickly got lost in a sea of information. Not knowing how to starting sorting the information or where to put itall, he was not feeling confident about his trip.


Sorting through the overwhelming mountain of information and suggestions from friends to figure out what to see and do in each place.


A laser-focused travel guide built just for his trip detailing what to see and do based on his unique interests and schedule.


Instead of feeling overwhelmed and afraid of missing out, David found confidence and direction with his custom guide, allowing him to have the trip of a lifetime!

“We recently traveled to Spain, France and Italy, and had the time of our life, largely due to the use of the customized travel guide that Guidester created for us. There are so many sites to explore, and our travel guide helped us narrow the field and provided us direction. The guide gave us confidence that we were seeing the sites that would interest us. We won’t go on another trip without the use of the travel guide.” David M. –Spain, France, Italy