Changing the Face of Modern Tourism: The Rise of Experiential Travel

The travel industry is changing.  Consumer attitudes have shifted, and people want to “travel better, on a deeper emotional and more personal level”, according to the Travel Report By Skift.
As people seek a more authentic experience, the buzzword has become ‘experiential travel’.

Experiential travel is a form of tourism in which people focus on experiencing a country, city or particular place by connecting to its history, people and culture.

Social media, digital innovation, and the desire for bigger and better experiences helped trigger the rise of experiential travel.  It’s about the authentic, local trattoria on the corner where there’s a great scene. This is leading to a new breed of traveler, one that strikes a balance between personalization, independence, and support. But, while we may want to personalize our trip, organizing logistics can be a bit of a headache, ripe for making errors, or just plain boring.

The task now is how to provide people with a new, unique, and authentic way to understand our world. How do you pack all the knowledge travelers need to know into an easy, personalized format. Travel and tour companies have been working on this very challenge. Key to this challenge is quality control. You cannot automate customization, therefore apps and programs that rely on algorithms to create travel content are unable to ensure a truly personal result.

How can Guidester help you? 
We custom-build digital travel guides, so you can get the most from your trip to Europe.

Planning a trip to Europe?
We custom-build digital travel guides, so you save hours of research while also ensuring you get the most from your trip.

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