5 Underrated Fun Things to do in Chicago

Chicago is a fascinating city, and there are plenty of attractions to entertain yourself with. You can find everything from amazing museums to entertaining crime tours and relaxing parks as well as loud clubs where you can dance until morning comes! Here are five of the most popular attractions and fun things to do in Chicago and why you should consider indulging in them!

1.Explore the city with a fancy limousine

One of the most fun things to do in Chicago that you might not think of is getting a limousine service. It is so popular among those who visit Chicago that you simply shouldn’t miss the occasion. There are plenty of companies that offer high-quality limo services and experienced chauffeurs that can become your city guide for the day. The chauffeur can lead you toward the best restaurants as well as the most interesting touristic attractions to enjoy while you are in town. They might also be able to recommend events that you can attend in order to socialize and maybe make some new friends. And since you are in a limousine, you could attend any type of event without being concerned that you will not be noticed. 

Exploring the city while your limo chauffeur drives you around, can be really relaxing and entertaining at the same time. And it could be a great way to start your time in Chicago because you will get familiar with the entire atmosphere. 

2. Visit Millennium Park

Millennium Park is one of the best parks to spend your day while you are in Chicago. This one will fascinate you for sure, so you shouldn’t miss it out. This park is 24.5 acres and it is often a host for public events and social parties. Here, you can witness the pulse of the city as many come to take a breath and observe the rest of Chicago from a relaxing spot. While you find yourself in Millennium Park, you can do plenty of things to entertain yourself from enjoying nature to take selfies and eat at the nearby restaurants. The best place to snap a selfie at seems to be right in front of the Cloud Gate also called the Bean. 

Tip: If you need to relax or have a romantic time with your significant other, try taking a walk through the Lurie Gardens and enjoy the beautiful flowers and fragrances surrounding you.

Also, for those who like concerts outdoors, the Frank Gehry-designed Jay Pritzker Pavilion is the place to be, especially in the summer when there are hosted plenty of concerts and events. And Millennium Park is just one of many parks that can fascinate you while you find yourself in Chicago such as the Garfield Park or Lincoln Park.

3. Field Museum of Natural History

Another of the fun things to do in Chicago that you mustn’t miss is seeing the Field Museum of Natural History. It is a beauty to behold. The Field Museum of Natural History was established in 1893 during the World’s Fair in Chicago. The Museum started as a way to showcase exhibits from Fairs, but with time the Museum became a fantastic collection of natural history exhibitions and artifacts. The Museum has in store four billion years of history in an exhibit tagged as an evolving planet. It narrates the story about the lions of Tsavo too. 

The most popular exhibition present in the Museum is that of a 40foot long Tyrannosaurus skeleton. Other exhibits present in the Museum range from the African elephants that are taxidermy collection of large animals to other American (native) artifacts.

4. Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park zoo located at 2001 N Clark St, Chicago opens to the general public every day of the year for free. It is a free attraction center in Chicago. Lincoln park zoo was opened in 1868 with two swans that were gifts. As at now, the zoo is home to all and every other animal.

The most famous of these are the gorillas and polar bears. It is one of the oldest zoos in the United States of America. The zoo is a part of the Lincoln park itself, occupying about 35 acres’ area of land.

5. Enjoy some comedy in Second city

If you like comedy and want to spend quality time alone or with your friends, you should definitely try the Second City area. This is a theatre that encourages spontaneous sketches and allows actors to improvise as much as they want so, you never know what you will witness in terms of acting. 

Names like Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert and Joan Rivers will entertain you for hours, and there are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants around the theatre, so you can eat and enjoy a drink as well. This can easily be an amazing evening with plenty of laughs and a good time spent with your friends. It is also a great occasion to make new friends and discover new and interesting people to hang out with while you find yourself in Chicago. And if improvised theatre charms you more than you expected it to, there’s a training center to check out if you want to learn more about sketch writing.

You can even take some classes and discover the secrets of a good theatre play right from the experts in the matter. Who knows, maybe you will develop a new career as a sketch writer!

Now that you know what the top things to do in Chicago are, all you have left to do is go out in town and enjoy them! Or simply hop in your limousine and let your chauffeur know what your plans for the day are. Bottom line, you can’t have any dull day in a city like Chicago, considering all the opportunities it comes with. And be ready to be surprised every time you enter a new attraction because Chicago has the power to amaze its tourists for decades! Enjoy and discover the city as you like!

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