5 Clever Gift Ideas for People Visiting London

Your friend or relative will be visiting London soon and you aren’t sure of which gift items to get them. You want to get them something they will not only love but that will make their trip easier and more enjoyable. Here are 5 gift ideas for people visiting London that will surely excite your loved one prior to his/her journey.

1. An entry ticket to one of the popular paid attractions in London

If the person will be traveling on a budget, surprise them with an entry ticket to one or several paid attractions in London! You undoubtedly will have completely changed their experience in the city.

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Tip: Some of the most visited cities paid attraction sites in London include St Paul’s Cathedral, 8 Royal Gardens, and the London Zoo.

2. A London wall art canvas

Help your friend get into the London vibe with London-inspired home decor. You can get them a photographic print of Westminster Bridge or Big Ben, for example. 

Even better: order a wall art canvas for his/her living room. Be creative with your gift by ensuring that the art captures all the parts of London that your friend wishes to visit. 

3. A restaurant gift card

Most people say that London is the most expensive city when it comes to food. Whether that is true or not is subject to debate. But instead of letting your buddy experiment with substandard street foods, what about you accord them the honor of eating at your treat? A restaurant gift card will take your friend to London’s best eateries where he will have the chance to sample international cuisines and cocktails. The idea is to let him enjoy some of the tasty bites that London has to offer without compromising his travel budget.

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4. A stylish carry on

Chances are that your friend has already acquired a backpack, but you cannot be sure if it is the right size. Help him avoid over-packing or under-packing by gifting him with a perfectly-sized carry on. Be sure to get a carry on that makes his experience at the airport and TSA checks least stressful, while at the same time accommodating everything he will need during the trip.

Tip: Spring for a modern carry on with a removable battery pack, USB charging ports, and other convenient features.

5. British jewelry

There are many gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, and other British-inspired jewelry that will excite anyone visiting London and the UK as a whole. Necklaces made from a replica of the British pound, sterling snake charms, and rings made from coins are great options.

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