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If you are looking for luxury rental accommodation in Sicily this is the place. Luxury Retreats is a Montreal-based online marketplace for people to list and find premium homes and short term rentals. The company is geared toward high-end clients, providing a portfolio of properties for clients to choose from and offering a host of concierge type services.  This is the caviar of vacation rental platforms.  I have personally used and love renting local accommodation through AirBnb, but Luxury Retreats seems to have taken things to an entirely new level.  Beginning in the Caribbean, the platform has since expanded so many more countries around the world.  Not only does the customer have access to a wide range of luxury accommodation in the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States, but clients have access to a personal concierge service before and during their stay.

luxury retreats vacation rental

Are you dreaming of a trip to Sicily?  Sicily is a land of extremes and contrasts, a magnification of all things Italian. The largest island in the Mediterranean, it is also an island of enormous intensity, a concentrated distillation of history, architecture and gastronomic delights, where incandescent volcanoes light up the night skies, mountain ranges jostle for supremacy, and where the sea has sculpted a coastline of stunning variety and beauty.

There is always something to do, whether it be lounging on golden beaches, hiking in the mountains, visiting ancient archaeological sites, skiing on Mount Etna or shopping in Palermo’s fashionable boutiques. Wherever you turn you will see evidence of Sicily’s 3,000 years of history as the strategic crossroads of Europe. And there is no better place to enjoy your experience than at one of Sicily Vacation Rentals.

Vacation rental companies are nothing new but Luxury Retreats has created a unique niche within the market. For the past several years companies like AirBnB have been increasing in popularity as consumers seek affordable travel rentals that provide a more authentic experience. Priceline’s Booking.com also recently entered the market by including vacation rentals with hotels in its lodging results. This company and their villas seem to receive positive reviews not only from their users but also from third party independent reviewers that like their business model and the quality of the rentals that they guarantee.

How it works seems to be quick and easy.  They have live team members speak with you to provide a diverse portfolio of villas for their guests to choose from.  These are all done on an individual bases and they are not a club, so we don’t charge for membership. Though they don’t charge a membership for utilize the service, the local team members do a good job of providing the best possible vacation experiences.

Unlike an AirBnb or Priceline, luxury resorts emphasizes its services and amenities for its users. “Given that Luxury Retreats is going for a Four Seasons-style approach to sharing economy home rentals, the concierge service is a very central part of what it offers to those who book properties through its platform” says Tech Crunch.  Their complimentary guest support includes a team of villa specialists dedicated to finding their guests the perfect home to stay in, and a 24/7 personal concierge service to assist with details big and small.  When it comes to home sharing platforms there really is no better staff and support available to the consumer.
 luxury retreats vacation rental
Though there are other companies that give people the ability rent private villas or homes, Luxury Retreats says that they are the only company that ensures the villas on their rental list are personally inspected to guarantee their quality. Customers can use their website to choose their villa themselves, or they can choose to use the complimentary concierge services available to them. Before and after you rent a villa, Luxury Retreats offers you the use of a personal concierge you can ensure that your villa is fully stocked with food when you arrive, as well as make arrangements for tours and activities for you while you’re on your vacation.
The company have its humble beginnings after a young Montreal entrepreneur named Joe Poulin wanted to create a company that connected Caribbean villa rentals with luxury travelers around the world.  Joe founded CaribbeanWay in 1999 and within 2 years already hit $1 million in sales. In 2002 Poulin launched Luxury Retreats, offering a wider selection of high end rentals in more destinations.  In September 2012 the company saw a $5 million investment by iNovia Capital, a venture capital specializing in emerging technology companies.  2015 saw another $11 million raised to provide additional operating capital and resources to continue exploring opportunities to expand.  And today they are still going strong expanding to an ever widening crowd of travelers seeking a luxury vacation rental.
Creating unique experiences for their guests is at the heart of Luxury Retreats’ mission. This is one of my favorite parts about the company.  When I travel the local authentic experience is what I typically want to seek out.  Visiting a new place for me is more meaningful when you can connect with the locals and the unique culture.  Using private accommodation owned by locals is a great way to achieve that goal.  And when you want to mix the authentic with premium you now have a great resource in Luxury Retreats.com!


The use of the website and the company’s concierge services are free, but the villas will vary in cost depending on location, size, features and amenities of the villa. Rentals range from $500 a night to Richard Branson‘s Necker Island ($60,000 a day).

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at (877) 993-0100, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website here.

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