Keep the flame of wanderlust alive with the Guidester podcast as we explore Europe’s beauty, history, and unique culture.

Get ready for a fun trip to Bern and discover why this should be on your list of destinations when you travel. View the Bern Virtual Vacation with Guidester while you listen or check it out later and don’t watch it while you are driving! 🙂 Click on the word TRANSCRIPT to get a transcript...
Croatia is a gem of a country that provides breathtaking views, great food, fabulous beaches, and all around fun! There is much to see there but here are Croatia’s Must Sees! Click on the word TRANSCRIPT to see a transcript of this podcast with audio player at the bottom. [00:51] Geographic Location [02:50] Natural Parks-Natural...
Get ready . . . get set . . . GO! Mark your calendars for March 22! Virtual Vacation with Guidester is kicking off our podcast about unbelieveable European destinations. Guidester founder and CEO, Jack Baumann will give us the insights into the special places to see that will make your travel to Europe unique...

Meet Your Hosts

Jack Baumann
Founder of Guidester

Jack Baumann has traveled frequently since he was a child, which sparked a passion for adventure, history, and cultural exchange. It was from this love of travel and learning that brought Jack to the U.K. to study for his Masters in Ancient Greek and Roman Archaeology. While studying in Cardiff Wales, he often traveled around Europe, and the idea for Guidester was born– along with his quest to help people travel better and smarter!

Arnold Stricker is host to the Saint Louis in Tune Podcast and fellow travel enthusiast. Arnold has a long background in education as a teacher, administrator, and adjunct instructor at the university level. He loves music (his training), history, culture, and loves international travel. 

Arnold Stricker
Arnold Stricker

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