Trip Overview - Bonnie B.

Cities:  Paris (3 days) and London (4 days)
Pace: Leisurely & Relaxed
Interests: Cathedrals & Basilicas, Historic Sites, Ruins, Castles or Palaces
Food Tastes: Local Cuisine, Fine Dining, Seafood, Cafes
Food Interest Level: 7/10

Trip Overview

Nightlife:  Local Bars/Pubs, Wine/Cocktail Bars
Nightlife Interest Level: 3/10
Interested in Local Shopping: Yes
Local Tours: Yes
Day Trips: 

Check out Bonnie's London map here.

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Bonnie’s custom map

Check out Bonnie's London map here.

What Bonnie had to say…

Wow, wow, wow is all I can say about Guidester! I built a guide for my short trip to Paris and London, within a day I had my very own personal guide. The guide included day trips, personal tours, dining, and just all around tips. We booked 3 different tours. Our guide was wonderful and showed us how amazing Paris is. We made memories to last a lifetime!

Bonnie B.

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