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University Study Abroad & International Students

Guidester provides an innovative and personal travel guidebook built specially for overseas programs that will adequately prepare students moving abroad. Moving to a new country can be daunting for many students, and often they do not do proper research before leaving.  Being unprepared when students venture off to another country makes for a more difficult transition and missed opportunities.  Rather than relying on generic guidebooks or compiled web resources, universities now have access to a far greater tool with Guidester.

Alleviate stress acclimating to a new place.


Students and parents alike can experience significant stress and worry when a student moves overseas.  Alleviate this stress by providing students with tools to better acclimate to their new surroundings/host city.

Commanding presence in the applicant market.


Attract more students to overseas department and/or attracting foreign students to your campus.   Providing the right tools to properly prepare students moving to a new place will enhance the overall experience and demonstrate the value of the programs.

Save time and money on administration.


Alleviates time and money spent on administrative and logistical questions and tasks from your students.  Students are often inundated with information and having all the resources in one place will save staff a great deal of time with questions.

Provide students (and parents) peace of mind in their new city.


Familiarize students with their new host city with a guide that easily maps out everything from things to see and do, to student dining, shopping and nightlife.

What’s Included:

      • Pdf download, compatible with any smart device.  Print options are also available.
      • Host university and pertinent information provided by the overseas department related to the program.
      • Essential information about the host city and country:  transportation, communication, safety, healthcare, and local culture.
      • Popular things to see and do.
      • Labeled maps of the area (campus will be highlighted with purple marker).
      • Emergency numbers (including nearest U.S. embassy address and info).
      • Supplemental destination information for the excursions students take as part of their experience.
      • Local dining and shopping (groceries, clothing, etc)

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