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Super helpful service on a recent trip to Europe where we stayed in Airbnb’s off the beaten path. My wife likes to book the Airbnb’s and flights, and these guys did a great job of filling in the gaps and giving us options on what to explore. Customized to what we like and personalized to how we like to travel. Great work and thank you!


The guidebook that I received from Guidester was very helpful in making my trip to Ireland a success!  I stay very busy with work and raising my kids and, therefore, had no time to research prior to my travels.  The work was done for me with Guidester.  My guidebook highlighted the local attractions at each stop along my trip.  I would definitely recommend their services, particularly if you are planning to travel to an unfamiliar destination.


The Guidester team did a wonderful job on researching things to see and do on our trip to St.Martin. Would recommend them for your next trip!


Our trip to Paris was made complete with our Guidebook! Having ideas and recommendations built around our preferences made all the difference in the world! I would highly recommend Guidester to anyone who is traveling somewhere new!


The Guidester Guidebook was a surprise for my wife since I was in charge of planning the honeymoon. The process was so easy and the end result was impressive. With Guidester’s help we had the most romantic dinner at a local place that I would have never found. The guidebook was filled with great info that helped guide our honeymoon and really made it an unforgettable experience. The other great part is that we get to keep the guidebook and use it as a keepsake. I would recommend you use Guidester for your next trip.


I loved everything about the guidebook – the short description about the historic sites, the restaurant and transportation information and the maps. I especially liked the links where I could log in and make a restaurant reservation. I highly recommend the services from Guidester and Jack is great to work with and very knowledgeable.


Guidester was a great help in making our honeymoon become a reality! Jack was great to work with and helped us plan our trip to ensure we hit the spots we really wanted to enjoy. Without the guidebook, we would not have been able to get lost in the history and sights available to us on our destinations throughout Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France.


I am very happy that I used Guidester for my trip to Italy. Not only did the guide book have everything I needed and wanted to see on my trip, they also helped me plan my trip before I went. I would highly recommend using Guidester’s service.


My wife and I took a short vacation to Siesta Key FL with our 2 & 4 year old kids. Any parent that takes a family vacation knows time is of the essences when planning activities. Guidster helped us streamline our trip. I truly believe we were able to accomplish more because of the detailed, and targeted assistance from our guide. We will use this service again in the future!


We traveled to New York City in October 2015 to celebrate a significant birthday. The Guidester book was a very valuable tool to help easily navigate shopping and entertainment. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


When we were planning our trip one thing I didn’t want was a bus tour. I didn’t want to be herded around. However, I wasn’t familiar with Ireland. We needed a little guidance. That’s exactly what Guidester gave us. Our book was tailor made just for us. Every city we were staying in had the hotel and address listed. We also had awesome attractions listed to visit. Guidester gave us the times the attraction opened and closed and the cost. Restaurants were recommended for each city as well as shopping areas. Guidester let us take our dream trip and do it our way! Thank you Guidester!


Guidester helped me find the best things to see and do on my first trip to St. Louis. I did a lot of research online, but was overwhelmed by the amount of information on the web. Guidester made it simple for me to have a great experience. Riding to the top of the Arch and taking in the views from rooftop cafe were two of my favorite things. I’ll definitely be using them again for my next trip!


The interactive book was incredibly helpful while vacationing in Hawaii.


Planning our trip to Italy was so much fun with the great ideas and recommendations from Jack. The Guidester gave us inspiration and inside tips on so many great places to visit. We carried it with us everywhere!


The Van Valkenburgh family reunion consisting of about 35 people converged on Philly with Guidesters in hand and consequently had a simply fabulous time. The books eliminated any confusion as to what to see and how to get to all the attractions, restaurants, shopping locations plus a lot more. Everyone absolutely loved the books mostly because they were so easy to use which enabled us all to navigate however and where ever we wanted with no wasted time to check out the information on our own. What a pleasure these Guidesters are and also it is a great memento to remember our trip with. Thanks for all your hard work to put our VanValkenburg Reunion Guidester together. We all would suggest a Guidester for any trips in anyone’s future!!!


The guidebook was incredibly helpful for helping us filter what to do and what not to do without us having to do a ton of research. I’ll definitely use you again!


Guidester was a great tool to have on our trip to Colorado! It had points of interested that helped our family and provided a great hike guide! it was well worth the few bucks that we spent!


I worked on this dream trip by myself for 8 years – reading, reviewing and planning – but getting nowhere – too many choices and I was so confused. Told Jack at Guidester what route I was “thinking” about and they designed this guidebook and itinerary which virtually took away much of my apprehension!! They gave me all the highlights of each town in Sicily I wanted to see along with maps and then added all the necessary information from our travel agent..i.e. hotels, flights, etc.

HIGHLY recommend and using the interactive version was extremely useful!

Thank you, Jack!!


The guidebook was very useful during our family trip to Chicago. We were given a variety of activities to review including food, entertainment and tours with details on location and cost. This made our trip stress free and allowed us to start having fun right away. I would recommend the guidebook to anyone planning a trip. In fact, I have requested one for another trip out of the country.


This was our third trip to Maui and with the guidebook we saw so many more things. My wife and I both said this was our best trip to Maui.


Our travel goal was a twelve day tour of London and Southern England to capture the essence of the region, enjoy the local cuisine & ambiance, and visit the key historic sites. The “Guidester” organized and composed a well-orchestrated travel package. The selection of sites and accompanying descriptions enabled us to choose the sites that best fit our interests, and conveniently provided ideal restaurants and pubs within the regions. The organization of maps, coordination of travel time schedules, and links with electronic devices resulted in a smooth and flawless experience and both an interesting and relaxing vacation. The custom tailoring of the key elements provided by “Guidester” was a major contribution to the successful adventure.


Our custom guidebook was very helpful on the ground and drew a lot of attention. We especially appreciated having all of our possible restaurants in one place, as well as the brief descriptions about various sights. It was so convenient to see a sign for an attraction and then be able to look it up in the book. The e-guidebook was equally helpful; we simply didn’t purchase a large enough data package to use the interactive component. If you phone plan allows it, make use of this great feature.


I loved the guide book and interactive version for my trip to Chicago! In the guidebook, Jack recommended several great restaurants and activities including a Gangster tour, which was one of the highlights of our trip. It was simple to use and very resourceful. I have also commissioned him to build one for an upcoming trip to Scotland. Every trip that I take from now on will include his guidebook!


The book was very helpful. We ate at a lot of the places that were suggested by the book and had great dining experiences. The guidebook also gave us some great suggestions on the best place to watch the fireworks for NYE.


Wonderful company! Our England trip went off as planned without a hitch. On the long flight we were able to familiarize ourselves with our travel books. There was a lot of attention to detail and it was as if we had a tour director with us for every event. There were a great variety of activities provided for our taste and many active days of castles, museums, churches, restaurants, and parks which we love to do but also touring the countryside to give a us a closer taste of the local culture. We were given so many suggestions and ideas that we couldn’t possibly do it all. Definitely will return to see everything we missed and Guidester will be part of our planning.

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