5 Essential Things to Do Before Leaving on Vacation

Don’t let anything spoil your long-awaited vacation, and especially not the stress over the condition you’ve left your home in. Of course, certain checkups are necessary before you leave, so make sure to write them down and then cross them off your list once you’re done. This way, you won’t have to worry about forgetting something. But, what are the most important things to do before leaving on vacation? Keep on reading to learn more.

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1. Tidy up your place

Tidying up definitely doesn’t sound like an important thing to do before the trip but it can actually make all the difference once you get back. Most people have work to get back to when they return home from vacation. This is stressful enough even without you having to worry about tidying up. In that sense, coming home to a clean and tidy place will definitely help you relax and prepare for the work to come. Not to mention that you’ll probably be tired and even jet-lagged from the trip. With that in mind, a tidy home will be the most welcoming thing that you could do for yourself before you actually leave for vacation.

2. Turn off your appliances

If you wish to save electricity and be 100% on the safe side while you’re away, it would be smart to unplug all the appliances that wouldn’t be of any use while you’re gone. That said, TVs, washing machines, computers, and all other appliances really don’t have to use up electricity simply by being plugged in. This is also true for refrigerators, even if you live in hot climates like Australia, as there’s no point in keeping the food cool if it’s all going to go bad anyway by the time you get back.

3. Mail and newspapers should be put on hold

In case you’re leaving for a relatively long vacation, you most definitely don’t want everybody who passes by your place to know that the home is vacant. After all, this can be a green light for burglars and no one needs that kind of stress in their life. So, one of the things to do before leaving on vacation is to easily put your mail and newspapers on hold for the time being. Simply get in touch with the necessary services and explain that you won’t be home for a specific period. If possible, they’ll pause the deliveries.

Tip: In case this can’t be done, make sure to ask a reliable neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers for you.

4. Check electricity for added safety

Aside from unplugging the appliances, it’s paramount that you also do an electricity checkup just to make sure that there’s no actual danger of electrical fires and similar. Security switches and proper wiring are a must these days when we all use electricity like crazy. Combine that with potentially risky storms and it’s no wonder why electrical safety is such a big deal, especially in the Land Down Under and New Zealand. In case you have to leave your home for a longer period of time but worry about the electrical situation, don’t hesitate to seek help from an expert Sydney electrician or other professionals in your area. This will provide you with both peace of mind and improved home safety.

5. Take care of lights and water

It’s not just enough to unplug the appliances to save electricity or put the mail on hold to deter potential burglars. If your goal is to save while you’re away, you should also turn off the main water supply as you won’t need running water at home when you’re on a vacation. The same goes for lights ! 

Tip: Scheduling your lights would be the best option if possible. That way, you’ll save electricity when the lights are off but when you schedule them to be on for a bit at some point during the day, it will seem that your home isn’t vacant to potential shady people keeping watch.

In case you really worry about leaving your home empty for quite a long time, make sure to ask a friend or a family member (someone you really trust) to come visit your place every couple of days or so. That way, you’ll get your peace of mind. What’s more, if you have some plants that need watering, this can be the best possible solution. Just take the time to prepare before you leave in order to really have the best time while you’re away.


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