Dubai Travel Tips: What to Know Before You Go

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Dubai is one of the most glamorous cities in the world. A vacation to this growing city is one that you won't forget. The city is deeply rooted in cultural tradition and yet has a modern outlook, making it the most liberal Islamic country in the world. Every country has its own rules, and [...]

The 7 Best Wineries in Tuscany

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Tuscany has long been associated with breathtaking scenery and some of Italy's best made wines.  In this enchanting landscape of rolling hills and winding roads, you’ll find glorious sunflower fields, ancient olive groves, medieval ruins and wonderfully wild forests. And, of course, world class wineries. Wine touring here is not about a five-minute tasting at [...]

Porto: What You Can’t Miss In Portugal’s Northern Gem

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Portugal is an altogether different experience than most other western European countries, and Porto epitomizes this feeling. A confused mixture of old and new world, it’s hard to put a pin on this cultural gem. Porto, Portugal is a wash with historical buildings and world class museums. In fact, a large section of the city’s [...]

A Traveler’s Guide to Eating In Spain and Staying Healthy

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From sun-ripened fresh fruit and vegetables to nuts, fish, dairy and olive oil, it has long been recognized that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. It is often described as helping to promote mental health, maintain a strong heart and protect against diseases like Alzheimer’s. The Spanish diet is a [...]

What Travelers Need to Know About Food In Thailand

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Traveling to exotic destinations like Thailand – away from familiar creature comforts - can be part adventure and part challenge.  Local ingredients, menus, and dining customs will vary from what you are used to. It can just be a matter of getting used to new tastes, textures and table manners. For anyone with specific dietary needs [...]

Top 9 Panoramic Restaurants in Rome

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The romantic dinner with the admirable city view from the restaurant terrace is what you really need to make your evening special. Of course, you overpay for panoramic view, elegant interior, chef’s name and Michelin stars. Nevertheless, it worth the money you spend. Tip: Most of luxury restaurants has special offer with the budget [...]

Changing the Face of Modern Tourism: The Rise of Experiential Travel

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The travel industry is changing.  Consumer attitudes have shifted, and people want to "travel better, on a deeper emotional and more personal level", according to the Travel Report By Skift. As people seek a more authentic experience, the buzzword has become 'experiential travel'. Experiential travel is a form of tourism in which people focus on experiencing [...]

Tips to Avoid Getting Sick When Eating Street Food Abroad

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Rudyard Kipling once said that “the first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it”. The same goes for the food that you’re about to eat in some distant corner of the world. Being cautious about your meals is essential, especially when traveling to developing countries. Stepping out of your comfort zone [...]

Tips to Avoid Delhi Belly and Staying Healthy in India

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If you simply follow these 10 tips to stay healthy in India, I am certain you’ll have a much more enjoyable time and will greatly reduce the chances of getting Delhi Belly.  The key is to take all the precautions, and then go for it and don’t be paranoid!  Following these tips makes it [...]

Everything You Need to Know for a Perfect Key West Getaway

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Located closer to Cuba than to Miami, Key West is Florida’s southernmost subtropical paradise, a unique confluence of history, natural beauty, cultural diversity, architecture and romantic appeal. If you have never been here before, you are in for a real treat.  Key West is one of the most unique and dynamic places in the United [...]