The Unexplored Pacific Islands

While the vast Pacific boasts around 20000 endless and magnificent islands, to visit them all and enjoy the truly awe-inspiring atmosphere, would be a formidable task. Most of us associate the Pacific Islands with sun-kissed beaches covered in palm trees, sparkling blue waters and breathtaking flora and fauna. However, there is much more to them than just mesmerizing beauty. There is a huge variety of extraordinarily exciting activities and mysterious hidden places where you will experience some of the most memorable and unique moments of your lifetime. So, get a small piece of heaven and find your perfect retreat.  Take a look at a few outstanding islands that will help narrow down your choice of which island to visit.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

One of the most enchanting islands that stands out from the Cook Islands is a small tropical island, Rarotonga, with its majestic landscape and vibrant culture. It is the capital and the most attractive tourist destination of the Cook Islands. It used to be home to a mighty volcano but today is the youngest and probably the most versatile of the Cook Islands. Being mostly famous for its picturesque lagoon and reef-protected greenery, it is a scenic jewel.  From sipping a glass of coconut milk and listening to a pleasing sound of banjo played by a local band, to snorkeling and exploring its amazing sea-world and tropical old-growth rainforests, there are endless opportunities to have the best time of your life. If you are into shopping, visit their local market where you can try their specialties, a delicious Ika Mata, or you can choose a piece of their incredible craft work. Regardless of what you decide to do, it is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern, urban area.

Fiji, Fiji

It is widely believed that the happiest people in the world live in Fiji. This is not so hard to believe as it is an archipelago of 300 hundred small islands with one of  the most indigenous and magical landscapes in the Pacific, and maybe the world. With its magnificent white-sand beaches, beautiful reefs and eye-catching bays, it is a perfect getaway for anybody who is looking for a place to unwind and relieve stress. What makes Fiji even more exceptional is the fact that many islands are purely natural and uninhibited which allows tourists to indulge in the wild beauty of its exotic beaches. Also, a part of its allure is the vividly colored reefs and more than 1500 wonderful sea creatures. Whether you are an amateur or a professional diver, you can join an exciting snorkel or diving day trip and witness the magical marine life of Fiji.

Samoa, Polynesia

Although Samoa is famous for its glorious scenery and intense natural beauty, it is the serenity and the peaceful spiritual lifestyle that adds charm to this remote island. Instead of chain hotels, flashy attractions and huge luxurious resorts, there are many family-operated resorts and local open beach huts where you can find accommodation that suits your needs. If you are an adventurous soul and a nature lover, you can spend the night under the stars in the open-sided Samoan hut called Fale and enjoy in the sound of the waves and nice warm breeze. The Island consists of two main parts –  the independent, and the American territory.  Probably the most appealing thing about Samoa is its traditional, diverse culture. Music and dance are essential parts of its culture and play a significant role in locals’ lives. An old traditional dance which is probably the only thing that remained unaffected by Western influence is called “Siva” and you can often see Samoan flower-wreathed women dancing, usually without having any music in the background.

Grande Terre, New Caledonia

If you want to experience a little French charm but avoid bustling streets of a big city, then Noumea is your perfect holiday destination.  Noumean on Grande Terre is the capital of French territory New Caledonia. Grande Terre is the largest island of New Caledonia, which has been attracting tourists around the world since WWII. Today, beautiful Noumea is famed for its grand European architecture and the combination of stylish French lifestyle with peaceful and laid-back lifestyle of the Pacific. It is rather a cosmopolitan city which gives you plenty of opportunities to try the amazing variety of delicious cuisines. It is well-known for its sunny pristine beaches, beautiful bays and startling hues of green, blue and turquoise. The most beautiful beach is Anse Vata, where you can delight your senses and enjoy in most wonderful views.  Don’t miss the view at sunset when the lagoon sparkles.

New Britain, Papua New Guinea

With its remarkable natural wilderness and amazing traditional culture, New Britain is an ideal place for romantic souls and adventurers, alike. It is mainly a mountainous volcanic region abounding with cones and craters and tropical rainforests. Apart from the inspiring landscape, New Britain is well-known for its colorful submarine life. It consists of two provinces, East and West New Britain inhabited by indigenous people of various nationalities who speak versatile exotic languages and add a spark to this place.

Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea

Solomon Islands is  Probably the most unspoiled place that boasts incredibly untouched natural environment and fantastic scenic beauty. Kayaking and diving are just a few of the myriad of options that it has to offer.  But, do not expect long sandy beaches and lively posh resorts. Most of the accommodation is tailor-made with guesthouses and comfortable hideaways. You can spice up your trip by climbing an extinct volcano, kayaking across lagoon, and enjoying the freedom that comes with no distracting crowds.

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