5 Reasons You Should Visit Germany

Germany is a diverse country with so much to offer its visitors. It is a remarkable place to explore and enjoy the great outdoors where you can travel back to medieval times at the center of its modern cities. Apart from its breathtaking attractions, exceptional festivities, and multi-cultural diversity, you will surely witness a lot more of Germany when you visit. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Germany.

1. Rich In Historical Attractions

There are over 42 official UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany. This makes the country rich with historical attractions to feast your eyes on. You will find worth seeing treasure troves all over the country from fairytale-like German castles to its well-preserved architectures dating back to the medieval times and after WWII. The capital city of Germany alone offers you a glimpse of history with the remnants of the Berlin Wall, the famous arch of Unter den Linden and the huge park called Tiergarten. For a more conservative feel, you can head to Munich province where you can experience unique traditions in Bavaria and see old town halls dating back to the 16th century. You will surely come back for more with all the breathtaking attractions Germany has to offer.


2. Unique Festivals

If you want to experience their traditional festivities, you should plan ahead and mark your calendar for their annual celebrations. One famous feast is the Oktoberfest held in Munich, Germany. It is usually a two-week folk festival celebrated at the late of September to the first week of October where you can consume large quantities of beer; enjoy traditional food and amusement parks. Other festivals include pumpkin festivals and their unique way of celebrating Christmas.

3. Cultural Diversity

The demographics of this country paint a picture of a diverse society. Over 80 million people live in Germany including immigrants from different countries. Since Germany was voted the world’s most popular place to visit in 2014 under the survey conducted by BBC World Service, more people are eager to explore and live in this liberal country. Experience an outburst of different cultures, languages, and religions from Polish, Turkish, and Nigerian to Tunisian roots. Have a taste of their new ways of life that changed its perception of society that is enriched by immigrants.

4. Strategic Location

Germany is situated in the heart of Europe which is considered to be the 7th largest country in Europe. It is the perfect location to start your European tour because it is surrounded by 9 borders. Basically, you can choose 9 options to jump into after visiting the famous country. The country encompasses a variety of stunning landscapes from rolling plains, thick forests and sheer mountains. Every region you visit from north to east offers you a great deal of utter excitement and amusement. Most visitors are drawn to its natural splendor, rich culture, history and sumptuous cuisine. No wonder Germany is the perfect place for travel.

5. Friendly People

If you want to understand Germany more, what better way to know more about them is their people? Germans are one of the friendliest countries in the world. Discover a glimpse of their social life when you interact with the Germans. You’ll be surprised how genuine they can be when you meet them. The most common trait they have is that they are organized, efficient and disciplined people. This is evident by their high-quality inventions such as their printing machines and cars. They are not that the type of people who are stereotypically labeled as cold but they do have a sense of humor that is genuine and sometimes enjoy a good laugh. They strongly uphold to their traditions that’s why they usually celebrate fun and exciting fairs around their towns.

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