Eight Cool Ways to Experience Arizona

If there is only one thing everybody knows about Arizona, it’s that it hosts the mesmerizing Grand Canyon, but there is much more to Arizona than its famous touristic attractions, its spectacular sandy deserts, and red rock formations. Here are eight cool ways to experience Arizona.

1. Explore the Western Sky at Lowell Observatory


The lands of Arizona are incredibly surprising and filled with great things to see and lots of activities, but why not begin your adventure by exploring the western sky? Check out the interesting Lowell Observatory, located in Flagstaff, AZ and admire the sky through the specially designed telescopes while learning all about space. During the day you can catch a glimpse at the sun, and if you visit the observatory in the evening, you can take a closer look at the moon, planets and stars. 

2. Indulge in a Relaxing Golfing Session


If you are an active traveler and love outdoor activities, you can’t leave Arizona without offering yourself a fantastic golfing session. There is no doubt that Phoenix is one of the best golf destinations in the world, but this also means there are many different and amazing golf courses available, promising to challenge your skills and offer you the pleasurable time you deserve. 

The Raven Golf Club at South Mountain is, for instance, a great destination for golf players in Phoenix, not only thanks to its good services but also to the spectacular landscapes and memorable dining experience the club offers. 

3. Admire Arizona from Above: Red Rock Balloon Adventures


One of the coolest ways to experience Arizona is to check out Arizona from above. There is no better way to admire the stunning desert landscapes of the Grand Canyon State than from a hot air balloon. 

Whether you plan a romantic flight or you are travelling with friends or family, the Red Rock Balloon Adventures in Sedona promises you the time of your life. All flying escapes begin at dawn, so get ready to have your eyes amazed by a breathtaking western sunrise. 

4. Get Closer to Nature: The Desert Botanical Garden


If you are a nature lover, but you are less eccentric and prefer a more comfortable encounter with the surrounding beauty, you can spend a few unforgettable hours at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, definitely one of the coolest ways to experience Arizona!

This charming place e promises visitors 140 acres of beauty and five different trails with thousands of unique desert plants. Expect to see agave, aloe, cacti and many other desert plants. Whether you want to visit the botanical garden during the day or in the evening, this experience will be magical for every nature lover. 

5. Learn about the Tea Culture in Japan: The Japanese Friendship Garden


Besides offering great natural beauty, Arizona is also filled with surprises, and one of them is the charming Japanese Friendship Garden, a place where you can indulge in a delicious drink and learn all about Japan’s interesting tea culture. 

Built in Phoenix, with the help of its sister city, Himeji, the 3.5 acres traditional Japanese stroll garden is absolutely gorgeous and offers a monthly public tea ceremony both locals and visitors love. 

6. Don’t Say “No” to an Unconventional Visit: The Goldfield Ghost Town


Whether you are a big fan of horror movies and stories, or you only want to find the coolest ways to experience Arizona, a visit to the Goldfield Ghost Town must be on your to-do list. 

Adventuring in this old mining town in Apache Junction will take you back to the time of the gold rush in the Old West. You can wander around the empty streets of the town, see its interesting buildings like the brewery or the blacksmith shop, ride the zip line, and even pan for gold. 

7. Enjoy a Memorable Ride: The Grand Canyon Railway


As mentioned in the beginning, probably the most famous attraction of Arizona is the incredible Grand Canyon National Park. So, no visitor should leave the state without taking a ride through the park on the restored, vintage Grand Canyon Railway. 

Get ready for a memorable ride through the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of Arizona in a train that will make you feel like you’re in the Old West. 

8. Offer Yourself a Wine Escape: The Verde Valley Wine Trail


Besides great things to do and see, Arizona also pampers its locals and visitors with delicious dishes and tasty wines. So, if you are a wine aficionado, there is no perfect visit in this charming state without exploring its wine scene. The Verde Valley Wine Trail gives you the chance to admire great wineries and taste mouth-watering wines like the award-winning Zinfandel at Javelina Leap Vineyards or the tasty Merlots and the Syrah at Oak Creek Vineyards. If you want this entire experience to be exceptional, it’s a good idea to opt for bus charter services and make sure to travel to all these destinations safely and comfortably.

These are our eight cool ways to experience Arizona, but this beautiful state offers many other great things to do and see, promising to satisfy all kinds of travelers with its diversity and a high number of activities. 

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