Top 5 Winter Time Tropical Escapes

Who needs winter anyways when the world is full of tropical wonders? If you reject the cold, you can check out some of the finest and most popular destinations that make winter bearable. Heck, this might be the perfect opportunity to plan your vacation, especially if you’re already blessed with warm and sunny summers in your own little part of the world. Having two summers and a visit to a tropical paradise is not a bad deal at all.

Cayman Islands


It’s not really surprising that Cayman Islands are on the top of the list when it comes to tropical escapes. The weather is perfect of course, but there are also so many things to experience apart from the beach. Some of the activities include Cayman’s spirits and beer tasting, snorkeling together with stingrays and starfish, touring the turtle farm, exploring the underwater full of shipwrecks and even booking a submarine tour as a part of Atlantis expedition. There’s no shortage of natural splendors either, and you can organize your perfect vacation the way you want to.



Another tropical paradise similar to Cayman Islands is Barbados. Here, you can also enjoy some quality time on lovely beaches near the sparkling ocean. Also, snorkeling, diving and sailing are a must-try. Barbados will also amaze you with turtle farms, shipwreck adventures and Atlantis expeditions. But, if you’re a true lover of mesmerizing natural landscapes and unusual geological formations, Barbados is undoubtedly the escape to consider. Not to mention the rich nightlife culture that’s at your disposal.


So, what kind of Aussie would I be if I didn’t mention my favorite place on Earth? This one is a tad more urban than the other winter escapes nominees, but it still can charm you to your core with it’s natural beauty, biodiversity and world-wide known beaches. You have a ton of choices here, but if you choose Sydney  you’ll be treated to some first class fun activities, such as surfing, amazing galleries, nightlife, shopping and fabulous restaurants. On the other hand, you’ll want to see as much as possible! If you take a bus charter you’ll be able to visit the Blue Mountains as well as visit the whole coastline and stop wherever you wish for a quick dip! Some of my personal favorites are Balmoral beach and Manly. Also, you’ll have a chance to witness some of the most amazing sunsets on the planet!

US Virgin Islands


Those who like to have their options for fun open, US Virgin Islands are one of the more prominent tropical places to visit. You have your tropical beaches to enjoy such as Maho Beach, Trunk and Magens Bays, Waterlemon Cay, etc. There are also many historic sites to amaze you and interesting museums offering valuable insight into its culture and history. Of course, there’s no lack of water sports so make sure to try snorkeling, sailing and kayaking by all means.

Turks & Caicos

Chalk Sound has some of the most uniform turquoise water I have ever seen. If you want a relaxed getaway from the cold winter months, another great destination are the Turks & Caicos islands. Again, you can combine lounging on some of the wonderful beaches such as Grace or Long Bays, Grand Turk, Malcolm Beach, etc. with some more engaging activities. Snorkeling, diving, sailing as well as parasailing are some of the most popular fun pastimes here. What’s more, don’t miss your fair share of breathtaking nature explorations or the opportunity to taste delicious local cuisine.

The above-mentioned destinations have found their respective place in the top 5 tropical places to visit when planning a tropical escape. In that respect, there’s no reason to shiver in the cold and endure gloomy weather every day at home. Pack your bags and head out to the warm and sunny side of our lovely planet and have a blast.

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