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The Cotswolds: What to See and Do

Defined by its rolling hills, or ‘wolds’, the Cotwolds captures quintessential rural England at its finest. The the largest of 38 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England, the Cotswolds runs through five counties; Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, and Worcestershire. Geologically, the Cotswolds is a limestone mass stretching 100 miles with Bath to the south and

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Coronavirus Travel Updates: Everything You Need to Know

The Covid-19 pandemic has left most international travel at a standstill. People are understandably worried about what’s going to happen next. We have compiled updates and information on the developing situation, as well as prudent travel advice for what you should do with those trips planned later the year and into 2021. UPDATES: Global confirmed

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Sunset Key West

Where to Travel During Covid: Vacation Ideas for 2020

Covid has pretty much halted international travel, and yes it’s a major bummer. There are a few outliers in the Caribbean and elsewhere that you may currently travel, but beyond these few exceptions, Americans are more or less confined to taking domestic trips closer to home until the Covid crisis subsides. But, do not despair,

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5 Budget-Friendly UK Cities To Visit Once Lockdown Is Over

While your dreams of spending a week roaming the English countryside may have to stay on hold for now, there are a number of UK-based cities and destinations well worthy of visiting once the lockdown is over.  But, if you’re worried about how much travelling is going to cost you after things open back up, then

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Ultimate Places to Visit in Montenegro: Europe’s Best Kept Secret

Montenegro is one of the most colorful countries in the world. And it should be on your bucket list. It’s a tiny country in Europe that gained its independence in 2006. This small country has lots of attractions for you ranging from mountains to beaches.  Montenegro is quickly becoming one of the top European hotspots

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7 Ways You Can Learn to Respect European Cultures When You Travel

According to a report by Reference, it’s impossible to account precisely for all the world’s cultures, but the report concludes there’s at least 5,000-6,000 distinct cultural identities. With countless ethnic beliefs, religions, languages, and traditional norms, each requires its own understanding – especially when traveling to diverse areas like Europe. Europe is one of the most

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Travel Safety – Important Tips To Keep Your Family Safe

The nine to five day job and your kids’ school may be limiting when you can travel. But when schedules align and you do get the chance, you want to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable time. If you plan on traveling with the family anytime soon, here are seven travel safety tips

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Amsterdam in 48 Hours

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities. A unique city, Amsterdam should be on the list of must-see’s on any European bucketlist. Most European capitals boast grand cathedrals, historic castles, and other beautiful historic buildings, and although Amsterdam does have some of these typically European features, the city’s main attraction is the city

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9 ‘Must-See’ Historic Towns In Southern England

Offering everything from postcard-worthy scenery and landscapes, to magnificent medieval (and ancient) history, to towering castles and estates – England is should make everyone’s bucket list. But perhaps the best part of England is its fairytale small towns and villages that dot the country. Here are 9 of best towns in Southern England – in

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15 Incredible Places to Visit in France

France is one of those amazing destinations that captures the imagination and ensnares the senses.  Stretching back into antiquity, the region that makes up modern France holds a rich cultural makeup and stunning landscapes. As there are so many amazing places to visit, we have compiled a list of the absolute best places to visit

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Best Places In Norway: 7 Otherworldly Sites

If you’re looking for a European destination with incredible scenery and outdoor opportunities, look no further than Norway. From the midnight sun to the stunning northern lights, to fjords, mountains, waterfalls, and glaciers – there is no end to the amazing sights that you can see in this country. Here are some of the best places in

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The Best Hiking in Norway

Whether you are an experienced hiker looking for the best trails in Norway, or simply visiting the country and looking for great places to explore, there are countless hiking trails in Norway. In fact, hiking in Norway is recognized world-wide for its incredible trails – here are some of our favorites. If you’re looking for

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