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5 Clever Gift Ideas for People Visiting London

Your friend or relative will be visiting London soon and you aren’t sure of which gift items to get them. You want to get them something they will not only love but that will make their trip easier and more enjoyable. Here are 5 gift ideas for people visiting London that will surely excite your

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The Real ID Act – What You MUST Know Before You Fly

What Is a REAL I.D.?  You have been hearing a lot about the REAL ID Act and enhanced driver licenses on the news. This is something that has been in the works for a long time and is important because starting October 1, 2020, all passengers 18 and older must present one of the following

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The 7 Best Wineries in Tuscany

Tuscany has long been associated with breathtaking scenery and some of Italy’s best made wines. In this enchanting landscape of rolling hills and winding roads, you’ll find glorious sunflower fields, ancient olive groves, medieval ruins, and wonderfully wild forests. And, of course, world-class wineries. Wine touring here is not about a five-minute tasting at a

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When to Visit Scotland – What You Need to Know

When to visit Scotland depends heavily on region, time of year, and what you are looking to do. The country is awash in seasonal activities, varied weather patterns, and cultural festivals specific to certain times of the year. I have been to Scotland over a dozen times and I’m still finding amazing places to visit.

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5 Underrated Fun Things to do in Chicago

Chicago is a fascinating city, and there are plenty of attractions to entertain yourself with. You can find everything from amazing museums to entertaining crime tours and relaxing parks as well as loud clubs where you can dance until morning comes! Here are five of the most popular attractions and fun things to do in

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How to Get Pleasure From Traveling Solo

If you want to travel alone and still make the most out of your vacation, then you’ve come to the right place. Single travel is a skill that you may not have, but it isn’t hard to achieve. We’ve compiled a list of the top seven tips for traveling solo. #1: Say, “YES!” It will either

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Beautiful But Weird London Museums

When on a free walking tour across the city of London, you will see tons of beautiful museums. Some of them are ordinary, others are extraordinary, and others are, well, weird. Here are 7 of these weird London museums. Related: 11 Free Things To Do In London 1. Grant Museum of Zoology This museum is

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Best Backpacking Gear For Women in 2019

Are you planning to hit the road and have an adventurous backpacking trip this year? That’s a wonderful decision! However, unlike other types of vacation where you can just throw a few items in your suitcase and hit the airport, backpacking requires a lot more preparation and packing expertise. Luckily, you can always rely on

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Withdrawing Money in Europe

Getting cash in Europe is relatively easy. With tens of millions of tourists visiting the continent each year, there are many ways to set yourself with local currency for your trip. ATM’s are the best and smartest way for withdrawing money in Europe so do not forget your Debit Card before you depart. Exchange Rates

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Extremely Helpful Airport Tips to Make Travel Easier

Traveling is supposed to be fun and thrilling. But how many times have you had stressful trips? The majority of people experience difficulties every time they try getting through an airport. You need not go through hell again if you follow these helpful airport tips! 1.Book early enough There is nothing as frustrating as the

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Italy

Italy has been home to a myriad of people with diverse cultures. It is also home to numerous stunning cities. Below are 10 of the most beautiful cities in Italy and their must-see attractions. 1. Roma Roma is a city that is proud of its ancient history. The Colosseum, St.Peter’s Basilica, Pantheon, and Vatican Museums

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Travel Off the Beaten Path to Learn More About a Country

One of the best things about traveling is that you get the chance to explore some of the world’s most incredible places. Whether you’re venturing off to Australia and New Zealand, staying closer to home in London, or you’re embarking on a European road trip, it’s always a good idea to travel off the beaten

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