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Are you Suffering from Cabin Fever?

Covid-19 and the global pandemic has brought unprecedented disruption to our daily lives, particular in our ability to travel and explore.

Keep the flame of wanderlust alive with Guidester’s new “Virtual Vacation” experience!

Since you can’t travel to the destination, we bring the destination to you. 

Go on a virtual vacation from the comfort of your home –  watch video tours, explore museums and historic sites, browse popular places, learn about the local cuisine, play around with interactive maps, and begin planning your dream trip.

The Story Behind Guidester

Jack Baumann
Founder of Guidester

As the birthplace of western civilization, Europe’s layered history leaves unique planning challenges for those wanting to explore on their own. I learned this all too well through my years of living and traveling in Europe.

From London to Rome to Prague to all over Europe, it became clear that the process involved in modern travel planning has become time consuming, antiquated, and outdated.

As travelers we are forced to spend hours with Google searches, visit multiple sites, flip through paper guidebooks, comb through biased reviews, and look for recommendations on social media. The outdated modes of planning a trip to Europe cost hours of time, are not personal, and lack some key local insights.

In today’s fast-paced world, a better tool was needed to help the independent traveler succeed.

And so, in 2014, I decided to create Guidester. I wanted to develop a better way to plan and research travel to Europe. I saw the need and set out to create a travel tool that removes all these challenges, making it easy for travelers to envision and experience their perfect trip to Europe.

There are simply too many resources to sift through. Without dozens and dozens of hours to commit, travelers are often left overwhelmed with the amount of information they are forced to sort through. 

That’s why at Guidester, we do the hard work for you, so you can focus on enjoying your time abroad.

To your travel enrichment,

- Jack

Serving Travelers During a Pandemic

The global pandemic has brought unprecedented disruption to our daily lives, particular in our ability to travel overseas. What you were planning to do this summer is probably very different from what you are actually doing. Despite the gloomy reality, we have taken our vast knowledge of Europe to bring you something truly unique.

Back in March when it became clear that we would not be able to travel overseas for the foreseeable future, we decided to do something to help quench that thirst to travel and explore new places. 

That’s when the Virtual Vacation platform came into being. We’ve been collecting content for the past 5 years and luckily for the time we are in, we found ourselves with an enormous stockpile of high quality travel material. So, we decided to put our expertise to good use. 

Since you can’t travel to the destination, we bring the destination to you! The new platform allows you to go on a virtual vacation from the comfort of your own home – watch a video tour, discover local insights, read about our favorite travel moments, play around with interactive maps, and start planning your dream trip once you’re able to travel again.

We currently feature 30 unique destinations for you to experience, with more coming each week. Each destination comes complete with video tours, interactive maps, high-def photos, personal stories, local tips, and a ‘start planning’ section for when we get the all clear to travel overseas.

Now might be too early, but when the time comes veteran advisors will be critical to navigating the new norms with so many components to coordinate. We are preparing for the future by helping travelers navigate these uncertain times, and it’s important to keep the spirit of adventure alive and well. 

We will be here to keep the flame of wanderlust alive and assist when you are able to travel once again!

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