Smart travelers always ask questions.

Here are a few we answer frequently:

Guidester is all about you. Unlike traditional guidebooks or online travel resources, your guidebook is tailored to you and your your travel style and destination, so you don’t have to sort through a mountain of irrelevant information.

Your guidebook is completely digital.  It is compatible with any smart device, so your whole trip fits right in your pocket.

Your custom guide is interactive. With direct linking to websites, Google Maps, and more, your guide is connected like no other travel resource.

Your guide contains customized Google maps.  With your points of interest mapped out, it makes navigating your destination a breeze!

While the specifics will vary based on your travel preferences and destination, typical guidebooks include:

• Attractions
• Dining
• Nightlife and entertainment
• Shopping
• Activities, events, and festivals
• Custom-labeled maps
• Transportation suggestions and safety tips
• Important cultural information, like tipping etiquette and local customs

It’s so easy and takes less than 10 minutes!

Simply tell us where you’re going and how you travel. We then create your custom guide while you sit back and relax!  Your guide will be ready to download in as little as 48 hours.

We use a carefully crafted set of questions to pinpoint your travel style. This short quiz gives us insight to your travel preferences so your guide will be customized just for you.

When your guide is ready, you will receive email notification with direct access to your guide for downloading.

The maps in your guidebook are customized to your travel preferences. Only your points of interest and relevant locations (including hotels where applicable) are marked on the map.

Your guide is compatible with any smart device!

You do need to have an e-reader installed (like iBooks or Google Play Books) to view your guidebook.

Are you ready to get your own personal travel guide?

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