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Smart travelers always ask questions.
Here are a few we answer frequently:

Guidester is all about you. Unlike traditional guidebooks or online travel resources, your guidebook is tailored to you and your specific trip, so you don’t have to sort through a mountain of irrelevant information.

Your guidebook is easy to navigate, making you look like the pro in those quick decision moments.

Your guide also contains customized maps, with your points of interest clearly identified.

While the specifics will vary based on your travel preferences and destination, typical guidebooks include:

• Attractions
• Dining
• Nightlife and entertainment
• Shopping
• Activities, events, and festivals
• Custom-labeled maps
• Transportation suggestions and safety tips
• Important cultural information, like tipping etiquette and local customs

Each traveler is unique. You travel differently than your aunt or next-door neighbor. We connect with you to understand what type of traveler you are. We discover your travel preferences and the type of vacation you hope to have. Using this information, we create a comprehensive guidebook completely customized to you and your trip, delivered both in print and as an interactive digital version perfect for smart phones and tablets. Your guidebook gives you everything you’ll need to know. From art and history to local culture, you’ll be completely prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

We use a carefully crafted vacation profile to extract the information we need to understand your travel style. This short quiz gives us insight to your travel preferences so your guide will be customized just for you.

You receive two versions of your guide: a printed guide delivered via mail, and a fully interactive digital version delivered via email.

Nothing! We’ll print and ship one guidebook to you at no additional cost.

The maps in your guidebook are customized to your travel preferences. Only your points of interest and relevant locations (including hotels where applicable) are marked on the map.

Your digital guide is delivered as an ebook compatible with any smart device. So no matter where in the world you are, your entire trip is right at your fingertips!

A trip starts when you leave your home and ends when you return. Your vacation may be a weekend getaway to Florida or 2 weeks in Europe. We understand you’ll want the same great information no matter where you go, so we charge the same flat rate no matter how many destinations you hit along the way.

No! We charge per group, not individual, so you’ll pay the same whether it’s just you or you and 10 of your best friends. However, we do charge extra for additional copies of your printed guidebook. (Digital guides for each member of your party are included for free.)