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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may have questions, so we are here to answer any you have and put your mind at ease.
How much does it cost?
How exactly does it work? What does it include?
For questions frequent and otherwise, this is the spot!

What Is Guidester?

Guidester is a new, innovative travel service that captures the emotion of a person’s travel desires to help them create the experience they really want to have. We make any destination in the world familiar before you arrive, by creating high-level custom travel guides based on your own interests that alleviates the burden of hours of research, and provides enhanced knowledge that will help you better experience a new place. Guidester gives you the confidence and expertise of a structured tour, with the freedom and flexibility of doing it yourself.
  • Guidester focuses on the post-planning detail of your trip and provides you with a rich cultural experience. Travel agents and tour companies are primarily focused on the booking aspect of the trip.
  • Guidester does not make money through commission which makes us unique in the travel industry. We do not offer recommendations based on a commission structure, but rather what is always in the best interest of the traveler.
  • Unlike an app, we create our guides in real time ensuring that all recommendations are up to date and personalized.  Relying on TripAdvisor and yelp can be insufficient because
    • you still have to go through and take the time to read hundreds of reviews
    • TripAdvisor doesn’t include your opening times, price, locations, and the level of detail that you really need.
    • it’s someone else’s opinion
    • you can’t be sure the reviews are authentic and up to date.
I started this business to address all the problems and shortcomings  that I faced while living abroad in the UK,and that all travelers face, especially those that travel internationally. Travelers are often left overwhelmed,under-prepared, and missing much of their experience. People often spend more time planning for a trip than they actually spend enjoying it. Feeling confident about sorting through all the information you find online and in normal guidebooks can be daunting. There is also a lack of cultural understanding that can lead to awkward moments or missed opportunities. Who wouldn’t want to make friends indifferent places while traveling abroad? Often that’s as simple as knowing what to say and when to say it.

Your Custom Travel Guidebook

Through a direct relationship with our clients, Guidester is able to identify what type of traveler you are along with their particular preferences and needs.  Using this information, Guidester creates a comprehensive guidebook completely customized to a client and your trip and available both in print and a highly interactive digital version downloadable to any smart device.  Your guidebook lays out everything from A to Z that they need and want to know, ensuring they’re fully prepared to have the best trip possible.
Through a simple ‘vacation profile’, Guidester is able to pinpoint your personal preferences and needs By answering simple questions, Guidester gets to know your travel style, pinpoint your preferences, and understand exactly how you want to spend your time on your trip!
Depending on the specifics of your trip, your guidebook includes:

  • Attractions
  • Dining
  • Nightlife & Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Activities/Events/Festivals
  • Custom-Labeled Maps
  • Important Cultural Information (ex: transportation information, safety information, tipping etiquette, etc.)
Your personal travel guidebook comes directly to you in both a quality-print guide and a fully interactive digital version.
Your maps are built directly from your personal guidebook.  So unlike other maps, only your points of interest are mapped out (along with your hotel), making it easy to navigate your destination.
Unlike traditional guidebooks or online travel resources, your guidebook is:


  • Tailored to you and your specific trip (so no sorting through a mountain of information)
  • Laid out in a simple way that doesn’t overwhelm you and is easy to navigate.
  • Contains custom maps, with your points of interest already mapped out.

How it works

By answering simple questions, Guidester gets to know your travel style, exactly how you want to spend your time, and what is important to you on your trip! With that information, our travel experts provide real-time information on attractions, dining, entertainment, etc. to organically build a guidebook just for your trip!
Your print guidebook is shipped directly to you. Your digital guidebook will be emailed to the address provided.


Your digital guidebook is compatible with any smart device and links directly to:

  • Reservations and booking
  • Additional information of specific points of interest
  • Your custom Google maps
  • Schedules, tour times, etc.
Your ebook is compatible with any smart device. So no matter where in the world you are, your entire trip is right at your fingertips!


*A trip constitutes a single vacation that includes 1 or more destinations.

Custom Travel Guide
A comprehensive travel guide covering your trip from A to Z, built in real-time, and tailored to your interests and needs. Your digital guidebook is interactive, with direct linking to live Google maps, schedules, and more!
No! We only charge the group as a whole, not by the number of individuals. Additional copies can be provided to each member, simply at cost of production.