Guiding You Through Post-Covid Travel

Jack Baumann
Jack Baumann
Founder of Guidester

Travel is truly a wonderful thing.

It draws us into new experiences and new adventures.

But, planning an overseas trip isn’t always easy. Especially now with everything that’s happened the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed travel for good, and now more than ever professional travel planning will be needed to navigate the new landscape.

I'm offering a Personal Consultation Service - to help you plan, book, and avoid mistakes in this new era of travel.

I lived Europe for two years studying for my Masters in Ancient Roman Archaeology. I had the experience of a lifetime, and it was while living abroad that the idea for Guidester was born.

Guidester was started with one simple goal in mind; to simplify, enrich, and personalize the international travel experience.

Too often we miss out on those hidden gems, waste time in long lines, or flat out make unnecessary mistakes because we simply weren’t prepared. And given the new challenges with international travel due to the pandemic, more consideration and logistics will go into planning than ever before.

Traveling in the age of COVID will not be as simple, but having a professional travel planner specializing in international destinations will allow help you avoid mistakes and common pitfalls.

Utilizing my time and expertise will save you time and money, while providing a richer experience. While much of this website deals with Europe, I do have a passion for ALL travel which means I can help plan your trip anywhere in the world.

Whether you are looking to find that perfect destination, need help with flights and hotels, planning logistics, or sightseeing, I can help plan your best vacation. 

– Jack

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