Castelli Romani: Wine, Strawberries, and the Papal Summer Residence

Ancient volcanoes that are now lakes form the basis for unbelievable scenery and a great winemaking region near Rome. While Castelli Romani is also known for being the summer residence of the Pope, the region boasts quiet villages, festival celebrations, a moderate summer climate, and succulent strawberries.

[00:39] Overview of the area

  • Location
  • Topography
  • How to get there

[04:45] Why the area is famous

  • Strawberries
  • Papal vacation home
  • Cooler summer climate
  • Villages and festivals

[08:32] Don’t be fooled by the name Roman Castles

[09:45] What is there to do?

[23:06] A tour with Castelli Romani on the itinerary

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Season 1: Episode 18

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