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With beauty around every corner, deciding on things to do in Ireland can prove difficult. In my opinion, when you visit Ireland it’s all about mixing together the major landmarks, the culture, and the landscapes. Balance is key. Here is a basic itinerary that offers a mix of city, country, and culture. This is especially

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Updated April 7, 2020 Passport changes have come in last year, and if you plan on traveling in the future you need to be well-versed in these changes. While it is normally easy to acquire or renew a passport, the State Department says there’s about to be a massive backlog of passport applications. Plus, passports

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Tuscany has long been associated with breathtaking scenery and some of Italy’s best made wines. In this enchanting landscape of rolling hills and winding roads, you’ll find glorious sunflower fields, ancient olive groves, medieval ruins, and wonderfully wild forests. And, of course, world-class wineries. Wine touring here is not about a five-minute tasting at a

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Far from your average medieval church, the most exquisite spiritual centers in England, Scotland, and Wales are a testament to the imagination and meticulous craftsmanship of mankind.  These amazing structures can be found in every corner of Britain. Though difficult to narrow down to only 10, I managed a list of the very best cathedrals

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Guidester Tours

Traveling on a Guidester tour means discovering the rich history, local culture, and unique flavor of gorgeous destinations.

Guidester tours are small groups (less than 20 people), which provides for a more personal experience. Tours include experienced local guides, centrally-located premium accommodation, your sightseeing admissions, transportation, digital travel guides, and memories to last a lifetime.

Since we can’t travel to Tuscany today, why not get a flavor of the bella vita (the good life) a little closer to home. Take a weekend wine tour to Hermann, one of the most gorgeous Europe style towns in Missouri…read more

On this once-in-a-lifetime 9-day tour, you will be able to experience the best of London before embarking on an epic journey through quintessential Southern England and everything this gorgeous area has to offer…read more

Experience Scotland like never before on this 10-day small group tour of Edinburgh and the highlands. The tour will take you through Scotland’s exciting past while standing in awe of the country’s most iconic landscapes…read more

On this incredible 10-day small group tour, you will discover the gem of German culture and beauty with exploring southern Germany at its finest. And just in time for Oktoberfest in Munich at the tour’s end should you choose to extend your trip…read more

Do you want to get a taste for the best of Italy? This 10 day tour is the perfect mix of Italy’s greatest highlights combined with a taste of real local culture and experience.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Ireland, it doesn’t get better than this all-encompassing small group tour. You will experience the best of Ireland; must-see historic sights, charming villages, untold natural beauty, music filled pubs, and plenty of local culture!

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