Best Countries to Move to If You Need a Life Change

Do you feel like your boring daily routine is slowly killing you? Are you in desperate need of a big yet positive change? Grab your suitcases and emigrate! Here are the best countries to move to were you’ll get your dose of excitement and the relaxation you crave for. Canada Did you know that Canada …

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Top 10 Holy Places to Visit in India

India is an extremely religious country and its inhabitants are deeply rooted in their beliefs and customs and so, it is no surprise that the innumerable holy locations present within the country capture the attention and interest of tourist’s world over. Here are holy places in India that are a must visit for those with an interest in religion and the traditional customs that come with it.

The Best Places to Visit in China

China should be on your travel bucketlist, but bearing in mind that this country is huge, you will probably need more than one trip to experience all the pearls it has to offer. What you see first in this spectacular country that’s extremely rich in culture depends on you, but here are our tips on the best places China has to offer and what you should see first.

17 Best Places to Travel in 2018

Deciding where to travel this year? If you’re like us you love to travel. But, with so much beauty in the world it’s not easy deciding where to go next.  Guidester has been looking to the year ahead to pick some of the best destinations worth visiting in coming months. Whether you’re after secluded beaches, a close-up look …

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Marina Bay Sands

Singapore: The Architecture City

Singapore is a city chock full of awesome architecture. You have futuristic skyscrapers next to old colonial buildings showcasing a mix of new and old. Singapore is an interesting city as it offers Western luxury with the cultural influences of Southeast Asia. Below, the best Singapore architecture is highlighted and are must-see’s on your visit …

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What Travelers Need to Know About Food In Thailand

Traveling to exotic destinations like Thailand – away from familiar creature comforts – can be part adventure and part challenge.  Local ingredients, menus, and dining customs will vary from what you are used to. It can just be a matter of getting used to new tastes, textures and table manners. For anyone with specific dietary needs …

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