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Porto: What You Can’t Miss In Portugal’s Northern Gem

Portugal is an altogether different experience than most other western European countries, and Porto epitomizes this feeling. A confused mixture of old and new world, it’s hard to put a pin on this cultural gem. [...]

Top 8 Things To Do in Munich

We all heard about this massive beer festival, Oktoberfest, in Munich. Every year, six million people from all over the world go to Munich to enjoy the best Bavarian beers. But there's so much more [...]

Tanzania Safari – The Ultimate Bucket List Experience

  No trip to Tanzania is complete without taking a safari. There are options for 2-day, 3-day, and 4-day excursions that will take you to various national parks in Tanzania. We decided to book a [...]

The Ultimate Guide To The Cayman Islands

If you ever wanted to get away from the hectic urban life and embark on a life-defining tropical adventure, the Cayman Islands are the perfect place for you. This country consists of three islands in [...]

Hurricane Harvey and How You Can Help

As you may have heard, Texas and western Louisiana have been hit with a massive natural disaster. Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday evening, August 25th, with rainfall topping 50 inches in some areas. This [...]

Texas, USA|

Best Places to Visit in India

India is a huge country with many diverse regions and choosing where to visit can be daunting.  Below the major areas are described and the best places in India to visit within those regions are [...]

Essential Rome Travel Tips for First-Timers

Full of history, beauty, and culture Rome is never wanting for a dull moment. The heart of Italy, from ancient to modern times, has always been the city of Rome. At its peak, the city [...]