5 Tips to Keep You Healthy While Flying

Dehydration, anxiety, stress, lack of healthy food and inadequate sleep are a few common concerns of passengers during long haul flights.  International travelers also face health risks, such as contracting viral or bacterial infection onboard due to the plane-hopping pathogens and microbes around. 

So if you’re traveling soon, check out the following for tips on how to prepare and keep healthy while flying.

1. Prepare for the long-haul flight

Plan your flight to reduce the stress associated with it.  For one, you can choose to fly convenient hours instead of the tiring 4 am departures.

You can also consider flying with new generation aircraft, such as the Airbus A350 that can mitigate altitude effects, have quiet engines and make passengers onboard more comfortable.

Drink plenty of water especially two days before the long flight. You must not also neglect getting quality night sleep before flying. Apply calming oils, including lavender, on your pillow to feel relaxed and get asleep faster.

2. Wipe down your surroundings

Airplanes are surrounded by and covered with pathogens, including bacteria and germs.  Don’t forget to pack a hand sanitizer and alcohol-based wipes to disinfect everything, including the armrests, tray table, and seat.

Wiping down your surroundings, you can lessen your risks of contracting bacterial and germ infections while onboard.  In the process, you can have peace of mind that you can reach your destination healthily, too.

3. Boost your immunity

Airplanes are sources of microbes, so you must keep your immune system strong!

Tip: Consider packing a lemon, squeezing it into water, and then drinking it for vitamin C boost.

In addition, you must try the best immune-boosting herbal teas, such as green teas. You might want to consider bringing herbal tea on the plane and ask for some hot water from the flight attendant. Alternatively, you can bring a thermos flask for filling up at a café before taking off as well.

Green tea is a great L-theanine source that has calming effects. It is also perfect for reducing and combating flight-related stress and anxiety.

And before flying, make sure you are updated of all your vaccines. Go to your doctor and ask for required or recommended vaccines for international travel to build your immunity.


Keep yourself hydrated if you want to keep healthy on long haul flights. Make sure to drink plenty of water before boarding. And onboard, skip alcohol and coffee that are both dehydrating.

Eating well

Avoid airline food, which can be loaded with sugar and salt and other preservatives. An idea instead is to pack your favorite veggie salad or bring an avocado with you for immune-boost.

Alternatively, you can bring more protein sources, such as hemp seeds packed in a Ziploc bag. In addition, you might want to bring protein powder for added protein source especially in the event of delayed flights. You can easily mix it with water for an instant smoothie.

Final Thoughts

Drinking immune-boosting green tea, wiping down your surroundings, eating well, keeping yourself hydrated and preparing for the long haul flight are only some of the best ways on how to keep healthy while flying.

Definitely, flying internationally is full of challenges.  For this reason, it pays off to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally to have an enjoyable and healthy trip.  So again, follow these tips, reduce stress and boost your immunity on a long flight.


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