Expert travel guidance - at your own pace.

Traveling to Europe?
Figuring out what to see and do in each place is a pain in the neck ...until now.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a personal tour guide to - right in your pocket?

Guidester is like having your own local guide to Europe – that knows you and knows the area – accessed anytime from your phone.

*Europe is our specialty, we cover all destinations throughout the continent.

What You Get

What's a Guidester?

The What

Guidester is a mobile travel guide to Europe – created by local experts – made just for you

We fashion a personal, customized travel guide with the highlights you’d expect and hidden treasures you don’t yet know, all delivered through an easy to use tool that downloads to your phone.

The Value

Guidester saves you hours of time with overwhelming research and helps you get the most from your trip…it’s like having a personal tour guide right in your pocket.

"I love planning my trip myself, so why use Guidester?"

Our travelers save time, discover local hidden gems, and travel prepared with everything right at their fingertips.

Local Expertise

Travel with confidence knowing you are equipped with the knowledge of local experts.

Hidden Gems

Have a more authentic experience with hard to find places buried deep in sites like Tripadvisor.

Easy Access

Offline access on your phone. It’s all the information you need in one place, right in your pocket. 

Save Time

Save an average of 30 hours of time with research, before and during your trip. 


Finally, expert trip guidance that doesn’t break the bank.



per travel day

Save an average of 30 hours and $300,
with more of your time and money for your trip.


Finally, expert trip guidance that doesn’t break the bank.



per travel day

Save an average of 30 hours
with more of your time and money for your trip.

We know and love Europe.

50 Travel Experts

We hire local travel experts who are living and traveling in Europe.

1,000+ Online Resoures

Direct, credible sources continually reviewed for up to date information.

Over 350 Partnerships

Local partnerships provide us with the best of each destination – hidden gems, dining, shopping, entertainment, cultural insights, festivals, and authentic experiences.

5 Star Guidester Reviews

  • Sue B. Avatar

    Guidester did a fantastic job preparing our trip plans so all we had to do was go, have fun and no stress. All sightseeing was well organized. I would highly recommend Guidester for your next adventure.

    Sue B.
  • Andrew W. Avatar

    I highly recommend Guidester. They helped us create a fantastic, custom itinerary complete with everything we needed. Guidester's wealth of knowledge and attention to detail allowed them to tailor our trip to our individual taste. Looking forward to working with Guidester again.

    Andrew W.
  • Jennifer L. Avatar

    positive review  We had a wonderful trip planned by Guidester. They recommended tons of things to see in the Black Forest region of Germany as well as in Austria. Many of the day trip additions we never thought of and ended up being our favorite parts of the trip. The guide had... read more

    Jennifer L.
  • Daniella E. Avatar

    positive review  My husband and I recently took a trip to Ireland, our first international trip together. We had soooo many questions, concerns, ideas of places we wanted to visit. It was frustrating and confusing to sort through ALL of the things that went into this trip. Before we left for our... read more

    Daniella E.
  • Bonnie Z. Avatar

    positive review  Wow, wow, wow is all I can say about Guidester!! I reached out for a guide for my short 4 day trip to Paris, and within a day I had my very own personal guide. The guide included day trips, personal tours, dining, and just all around tips. We booked... read more

    Bonnie Z.
  • Andrea L. Avatar

    positive review  Italy was a dream come true for me; especially seeing Venice. I could have never pulled off what Guidester did for all of us. The tours were amazing; the food was beyond my expectations and all the different places we got to explore made my trip perfect. ... read more

    Andrea L.
  • Herbert J. Avatar

    positive review  Great travel guides that really help me get the most from my vacation!

    Herbert J.
  • Ryan G. Avatar

    positive review  We absolutely loved our trip, and Guidester was very helpful in getting everything planned. This positive experience left us very much looking forward to our next trip, and I have no doubt that Guidester will point us in the right direction again, and make planning a breeze. Thanks!

    Ryan G.
  • Jim F. Avatar

    positive review  There is no way I could have put together the adventure that Guidester organized for us. The experience exceeded my expectations from the first day to the last day of departure. The advice on what to see when to see where to eat what sights to prioritize was... read more

    Jim F.
  • Sarah S. Avatar

    positive review  Guidester made it so easy. I had no time to plan a trip for myself but needed a getaway. This was easy to say yes to and I had to do no planning beyond basic booking. Every day was an adventure and the travel was there making sure we knew... read more

    Sarah S.

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*95% of our guides are delivered in less than 48 hours. What about the other 5%? If you’re visiting a less-traveled destination, we’ll need a few extra days to be sure you have everything you’ll need for your trip. But don’t worry – you won’t spend any extra time (or money) for your customized guide.

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