High Tatras


Overview & Brief History

Nestled in the heart of Central Europe, the High Tatras stand as a majestic mountain range, forming a natural border between Slovakia and Poland. Renowned for their awe-inspiring beauty, the High Tatras are a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a combination of pristine alpine landscapes, crystal-clear lakes, and rugged peaks that captivate visitors throughout the year.


A Brief History
Historically, the High Tatras have been significant for the local people, serving as a backdrop to various cultures and communities. The region has been influenced by both Slovak and Polish traditions, with folklore and legends often woven into the fabric of the surrounding towns and villages.


The late 19th century marked the beginning of intentional exploration and tourism in the High Tatras. Adventurous spirits and nature enthusiasts sought to conquer the peaks, leading to the establishment of mountain resorts and trails. Grand hotels emerged, attracting visitors eager to experience the unparalleled beauty of this alpine paradise.


Recognizing the ecological importance of the region, the High Tatras have been the focus of conservation efforts. The Tatras National Park, established in 1949, encompasses the Slovak part of the range, safeguarding its unique flora and fauna, including rare species like the Tatra chamois.


The High Tatras continue to hold cultural significance, with traditional festivals, music, and crafts reflecting the heritage of the region. The mountains are not only a playground for outdoor enthusiasts but also a canvas for artistic inspiration and cultural expression.

Things to See & Do


Strbske Pleso

A picturesque mountain lake, Strbske Pleso is surrounded by scenic hiking trails and serves as a gateway to the High Tatras. The lake’s crystal-clear waters reflect the surrounding peaks, creating a breathtaking alpine atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy boat rides or embark on hikes to explore the surrounding beauty.



Lomnicky Peak

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the city’s famous son. He was born on 27 January in 1756 at number 9 Getreidegasse (also known as “Hagenauer House”). He shared the home with his parents and sister for several years until 1773. It is now home to a museum all about Mozart and his life.



Tatra National Park
Encompassing a significant portion of the High Tatras, Tatra National Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking trails crisscross through diverse landscapes, passing waterfalls, alpine meadows, and serene lakes. The park is home to unique flora and fauna, including the symbolic Tatra chamois.




Stary Smokovec

This charming village serves as a popular base for exploring the High Tatras. Stary Smokovec exudes a traditional mountain atmosphere, with wooden chalets, inviting cafes, and panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. It’s an excellent starting point for various hiking trails and outdoor adventures.

Local Dining

Embrace the Mountain Spirit…

Savor the warmth of a steaming bowl of “halusky” (potato dumplings) topped with sheep cheese and bryndza (a salty sheep cheese spread). Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of “kapustnica” (sauerkraut soup) or “gulas” (goulash), perfect for fueling your next mountain adventure.


From Cozy Cabins to Fine Dining…

Experience the charm of traditional “koliba” restaurants. These rustic wooden cabins offer a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying hearty meals after a day outdoors.

Indulge in a romantic dinner at Restaurant Kamzík, which offers panoramic views in an elegant atmosphere.

Insider Tips

 Avoid the peak summer months (July and August) and consider visiting in the spring (May and June) or autumn (September and October) for more pleasant temperatures, fewer crowds, and cheaper accommodation.


Opt for alternative routes like the Tatranská magistrála, a long-distance hiking trail offering diverse landscapes and spectacular views. Explore lesser-known peaks like Kežmarský štít or Lomnický štít for a more secluded and challenging experience.


 Enjoy panoramic views of the mountains and surrounding valleys by taking a cable car ride. Popular options include Hrebienok in Štrbské Pleso or Lomnický štít, which ascends to the second highest peak in Slovakia.

Virtual Tours

High Tatras Aerial View

Tatra National Park

Starý Smokovec Walking Tour


Interactive Maps

Explore the Strbske Pleso

Hike the trail to Lomnický Peak

Play around Tatranská Lomnica


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