Overview & Brief History

Nestled along the Black Sea coast, Varna stands as a captivating city that seamlessly blends ancient history with modern allure. Known as Bulgaria’s maritime gateway, Varna is not only a vibrant economic and cultural hub but also a destination steeped in rich history and natural beauty.


A Brief History

Varna’s history dates back over 6,000 years, making it one of Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Initially settled by Thracians, the area later transformed into a significant Greek colony known as Odessos.


Under Roman rule, Varna flourished as a key port and trade center, gaining recognition for its strategic importance as it became a hub for commerce and culture. The Byzantine Empire played a pivotal role in Varna’s architectural and cultural developments during its era, with the establishment of Christianity contributing significantly.


For several centuries, Varna endured Ottoman rule, navigating periods of both prosperity and decline. The Ottomans left an indelible mark on the city’s architecture, maintaining its status as a vital trading center.


The late 19th century marked a transformative period for Varna as it gained independence from the Ottoman Empire, becoming an integral part of the newly formed Bulgaria. The city played a role in the Balkan Wars and World War I, shaping its modern identity.


Today, Varna stands as a cultural gem, hosting numerous festivals, concerts, and events. Celebrated for its archaeological treasures, including the renowned Varna Necropolis, the city revealed some of the world’s oldest gold artifacts.

With its strategic location on the Black Sea, Varna has evolved into a thriving economic center and a popular tourist destination. Visitors are drawn to its sandy beaches, the Sea Garden park, and historical landmarks such as the Cathedral of the Assumption.


Varna’s enduring charm lies not only in its ancient roots and historical significance but also in its ability to embrace the present. It offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity along the picturesque Black Sea coast.

Things to See & Do


Sea Garden
Stretching along the Black Sea coast, the Sea Garden is a picturesque park adorned with sculptures, fountains, and flowerbeds. Visitors can stroll along the seaside promenade, enjoy the Maritime Museum, and relax in this tranquil urban oasis.



Roman Thermae
Delve into Varna’s Roman history by visiting the Roman Thermae, ancient bath ruins that provide a glimpse into the city’s past. The archaeological site showcases well-preserved structures, offering a unique journey through time.



Aladzha Monastery

 Nestled among the picturesque cliffs of the Golden Sands resort, this medieval rock monastery offers a unique historical and cultural experience. Explore the cave dwellings, chapels, and tunnels carved into the rock, learn about the monks who once resided here, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Black Sea.



Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

This magnificent cathedral, considered the largest Orthodox church in Bulgaria, boasts stunning architecture with a blend of Byzantine and Neo-Renaissance styles. Its impressive interior features intricate mosaics, frescoes, and a gilded dome, offering a glimpse into Bulgarian religious heritage.

Local Dining

Don’t miss…“tarator,” a refreshing cold yogurt soup with cucumber, dill, and walnuts, a perfect way to start your meal.


Indulge in the bounty…of the Black Sea at restaurants like “The Captain’s House” or “Fish & Wine.” Savor the freshest fish, mussels, and clams, prepared with traditional Bulgarian recipes or with modern twists.


Explore the bustling Varna Fish Market, a haven for seafood lovers. Choose your catch from a variety of fish and shellfish, and have it cooked to your liking on the spot.

Insider Tips

Public buses and trams are affordable and efficient ways to get around Varna. Use this as an opportunity to interact with locals and get a glimpse of their daily lives.


 While Varna offers fantastic tourist attractions, venturing beyond the usual spots can truly immerse you in local life. Explore lesser-known neighborhoods like Asparuhovo and Galata for authentic restaurants, charming cafes, and hidden gems.


 The Varna City Card offers free entry to many museums, discounts on restaurants and activities, and unlimited travel on public transportation. It’s a great way to save money and explore the city.



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