Personal Travel Guides to Europe

It's everything you need in one mobile travel guide, customized to your interests and needs.

Save hours of time on research, find the hidden gems, and maximize your experience.

What's a Guidester?

The What

Guidester is a personal travel guidebook that guarantees you get the most from your trip. Your custom mobile guide provides personal recommendations on attractions, unique tours, hidden gems, local dining, nightlife, and need to know cultural info…customized to you in a beautiful digital guide that downloads to your smart phone.

The Value

  • Save hours of time with research
  • Personal mobile guide downloads to your phone
  • Expert recommendations and unique local experiences
  • Culture tips ensure you are fully prepared
  • Tailor-made maps make it easy to navigate

Get a completely customized guide for your trip

How it works

Fill out a quick Q & A

Answer a few questions about where you're headed and how you like to travel - your pace, personal interests, "foodie" level, and more.

We create your Guidester

European travel experts create a personal travel guide for you full of the best recommendations based on your interests.

Download to your phone

Download your personal travel guide directly to your phone - no extra app needed - and have a genuine, stress-free trip!

Don't miss out. Make sure you have the best information to have the best experience.

Guidester is like having your own local guide – that knows you and knows the area.


For only $20 a day, you get a personal travel guide of the best things to see and do in each place you visit.



per travel day

For spending only $20 a day on your guide,
you will have more money to spend on your trip.

"I love planning my trip myself, so why use Guidester?"

Quick & Easy

Cut through the noise, saving you hours of time with less than 10 minutes invested.

Local Expertise

Our paid travel experts are living and traveling in Europe to provide you first-hand knowledge.

Single Source

Everything you need in one place means you don’t need multiple resources to figure out what to see and do.


Your Guidester is 100% mobile – not a shred of paper produced – so you help protect the environment.

See what people are saying...

  • Sue B. Avatar

    Guidester did a fantastic job preparing our trip plans so all we had to do was go, have fun and no stress. All sightseeing was well organized. I would highly recommend Guidester for your next adventure.

    Sue B.
  • Andrew W. Avatar

    I highly recommend Guidester. They helped us create a fantastic, custom itinerary complete with everything we needed. Guidester's wealth of knowledge and attention to detail allowed them to tailor our trip to our individual taste. Looking forward to working with Guidester again.

    Andrew W.
  • Jennifer L. Avatar

    positive review  We had a wonderful trip planned by Guidester. They recommended tons of things to see in the Black Forest region of Germany as well as in Austria. Many of the day trip additions we never thought of and ended up being our favorite parts of the trip. The guide had... read more

    Jennifer L.
  • Daniella E. Avatar

    positive review  My husband and I recently took a trip to Ireland, our first international trip together. We had soooo many questions, concerns, ideas of places we wanted to visit. It was frustrating and confusing to sort through ALL of the things that went into this trip. Before we left for our... read more

    Daniella E.
  • Bonnie Z. Avatar

    positive review  Wow, wow, wow is all I can say about Guidester!! I reached out for a guide for my short 4 day trip to Paris, and within a day I had my very own personal guide. The guide included day trips, personal tours, dining, and just all around tips. We booked... read more

    Bonnie Z.
  • Andrea L. Avatar

    positive review  Italy was a dream come true for me; especially seeing Venice. I could have never pulled off what Guidester did for all of us. The tours were amazing; the food was beyond my expectations and all the different places we got to explore made my trip perfect. ... read more

    Andrea L.
  • Herbert J. Avatar

    positive review  Great travel guides that really help me get the most from my vacation!

    Herbert J.
  • Ryan G. Avatar

    positive review  We absolutely loved our trip, and Guidester was very helpful in getting everything planned. This positive experience left us very much looking forward to our next trip, and I have no doubt that Guidester will point us in the right direction again, and make planning a breeze. Thanks!

    Ryan G.
  • Jim F. Avatar

    positive review  There is no way I could have put together the adventure that Guidester organized for us. The experience exceeded my expectations from the first day to the last day of departure. The advice on what to see when to see where to eat what sights to prioritize was... read more

    Jim F.
  • Sarah S. Avatar

    positive review  Guidester made it so easy. I had no time to plan a trip for myself but needed a getaway. This was easy to say yes to and I had to do no planning beyond basic booking. Every day was an adventure and the travel was there making sure we knew... read more

    Sarah S.
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