Do More. Save Time. Travel Better.

Virtual travel guides made custom to you and your trip!

Do More. Save Time. Travel Better.

Virtual travel guides made custom to you and your trip!

Planning a trip?

We understand how much time and effort goes into destination research. It takes the average traveler 40 hours of research BEFORE the trip and 2 hours each day DURING the trip to decide what to see and do.

Guidester creates on-demand travel guides personalized for you – covering must-see attractions, local insider tips, off-the-beaten path spots, dining and entertainment, need-to-know cultural insights, and interactive maps for each destination.


  • Travel planning research is overwhelming and time-consuming
  • Apps are biased and impersonal
  • Online articles and forums miss much of the information
  • Guidebooks are generic and outdated
  • Tours are restrictive and costly


  • Guidester, a virtual travel guide made custom for you
  • Get unbiased, personal recommendations
  • Receive the best information from real travel professionals
  • Save hours with up-to-date research
  • Keep control of your schedule and save money

Using Guidester, you will eliminate hours of painstaking research and get more from your experience.

Guidester is a virtual travel guide

Get your Guidester for
$15 a travel day

How does it work?

Tell us
where you’re headed and how you like to travel

Our real travel experts
(and the latest tech)
create the perfect guide
for your trip

Download your
digital custom guide to your phone in as little as 48 hours*

Why Guidester?

Experience exactly what YOU want based on your travel style.

Love art and history? Are you a sightseer or more leisurely paced?
Maybe you’re a foodie!

No matter how you travel or what you want to do,
your Guidester has the information you need.

Stay ahead of the average traveler with insider tips and tricks.

Have you ever visited a place and wish you’d done it differently if you’d just known better?

With Guidester you’ll know better before you go. 

Be prepared with local customs and essential information.

From local tipping etiquette to the best way to get around your destination, we’ve got you covered. 

Everything you’ll need to travel like a pro is conveniently included in your guide. 

You'll navigate like a local
using interactive maps.

Your custom Google™ map has all your points of interest mapped out for you! 

Now you’ll know when that classic tourist spot is just around the corner!

Each guide includes:

  • Personal recommendations on things to see and do
  • Attractions, tours, dining, shopping, and nightlife
  • Quick facts about each location
  • Local tips & customs
  • Interactive maps

Chart your own course with unbiased, personal recommendations from real travel professionals

See what fellow travelers have to say!

Guidester has created hundreds of personalized guides for travelers all over the world.

Where will Guidester take you?

Research Smarter

Did you know there are over 13,000 restaurants within Rome alone?

So how do you know where to go to get the most authentic cuisine?

Or which local cafe has a great rooftop bar?

You could ask your friend who traveled there last year…

You could just wing it…

Or you could get Guidester.

*95% of our guides are delivered in less than 48 hours. What about the other 5%? If you’re visiting a less-traveled destination, we’ll need a few extra days to be sure you have everything you’ll need for your trip. But don’t worry – you won’t spend any extra time (or money) for your customized guide.