We help travelers unlock the wonders of Europe

We help travelers unlock the wonders of Europe

Get a custom travel guide tailored to your personal interests - save time, travel safely, and maximize your cultural experience.

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Tell us about you & your trip

Answer a few questions about where you’re headed and how you like to travel – your pace, interests, food preferences, and more.

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We create your guidebook

We combine real travel professionals with the latest tech to create a personal travel guide that knows you and knows the area.

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Travel with confidence

Receive a complete custom   travel guide with unbiased recommendations, digital maps, reservation capabilities, and more…everything you need right at your fingertips.

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How are we different?

Save time & money

We save you 40 hours of time distilling down the overwhelming amount of research for Europe without spending hundreds on a tour guide.

Personal to you

We give you personal, unbiased recommendations based on your interests and travel style, so you see what you want & have an experience as unique as you are.

Hidden gems uncovered

In addition to top sights, your guide is full of hidden gems buried or absent in other travel resources that will ensure you don't miss out.

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  • positive review We had a wonderful trip planned by Guidester. They recommenced us to the Black Forest region of Germany as well as adding on Austria. Both were additions we never thought of and ended up being our favorite parts of the trip. The guide had lots of helpful tips and some... read more

    Jennifer Lommel Avatar
    Jennifer Lommel
  • positive review My husband and I recently took a trip to Ireland, our first international trip together. We had soooo many questions, concerns, ideas of places we wanted to visit. It was frustrating and confusing to sort through ALL of the things that went into this trip. Before we left for our... read more

    Daniella Elaine Avatar
    Daniella Elaine
  • positive review Wow, wow, wow is all I can say about Guidester!! I reached out for a guide for my short 4 day trip to Paris, within a day I had my very own personal guide. The guide included day trips, personal tours, dining, and just all around tips. We booked 3... read more

    Bonnie Zimmerman Bard Avatar
    Bonnie Zimmerman Bard
  • positive review Italy was a dream come true for me; especially seeing Venice. I could have never pulled off what Guidester did for all of us. The tours were amazing; the food was beyond my expectations and all the different places we got to explore and the amazing hotels made... read more

    Andrea Lenzen Avatar
    Andrea Lenzen
  • positive review Great travel guides to get the most out of a vacation, domestically or internationally!

    Herbert J. Baumann Avatar
    Herbert J. Baumann
  • positive review My wife and I knew we wanted to take a trip to Mexico, but we had no idea where. The first place that Jack mentioned was Isla Mujeres, an island off the coast of Cancun. He explained that it was a more relaxed and off-the-beaten path destination in Mexico,... read more

    Ryan Garwitz Avatar
    Ryan Garwitz
  • positive review There is no way I could have put together the adventure that Guidester organized for us on the taste of Italy tour. To pack so much in, not feel rushed, have amazing place to stay just would not have happened I have always been a do it yourself person... read more

    Jim French Avatar
    Jim French
  • positive review Guidester provided a very personalized 10 day tour to Italy. It was well thought out from a scheduling perspective and the hotels, restaurants and tours were top-notch. Jack made it so easy -- I had no time to plan a trip for myself but needed a getaway. This was easy... read more

    Sarah Schaeffer Bernard Avatar
    Sarah Schaeffer Bernard
  • positive review My wife and I needed to go to Switzerland for business. Being totally unfamiliar with Switzerland we decided to have Guidester arrange our itinerary and we could not be happier. All of our transportation, hotels and daily activity suggestions were “Swiss” clockwork perfect. Thank you Guidester, we’re looking forward to... read more

    Leonard Wren Avatar
    Leonard Wren
  • positive review Thank you forever to Jack Bauman for giving my soul wings and opening my heart to Italy! Always, #1 on my proverbial' bucket list', Italy has felt like a remote promise.
    Fast forward to late winter 2019 and receiving (a sign from above??) an email from Guidster: Italy tour summer...
    read more

    Kristine Keller Avatar
    Kristine Keller

"But I love planning my trip myself"

We hear this all the time.

Save 40 hours or more

The average person spends 40+ hours travel planning before and during their trip. Leave it to us to provide you with a custom guide full of unbiased recommendations curated just for you – right at your fingertips.

See up to 50% more

By cutting through the noise, you can focus on what matters most to you. Hidden gems you won't find on your own, tips & tricks on how to get the most out of sites, and custom maps ensure you never miss out.

Avoid unnecessary mishaps

Hold on—is that restaurant open on Tuesdays? What’s the tipping etiquette in Italy? What else is around me I might want to see now? We've got it covered. Travel with confidence knowing you've got all the right information.

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*95% of our guides are delivered in less than 48 hours. What about the other 5%? If you’re visiting a less-traveled destination, we’ll need a few extra days to be sure you have everything you’ll need for your trip. But don’t worry – you won’t spend any extra time (or money) for your customized guide.