Make Every Trip Feel Like the Trip of a Lifetime

Guidester brings you to hidden spectacular sites, unique local eateries, and unknown gems you won’t find anywhere else.

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You're having dinner on Rome's Appian Way in a lush garden overlooking an ancient mausoleum...

Guidester is all about adventure – a unique experience, the lesser known place, and that wow moment you’ll never forget. We bring you to those spectacular sites, the local eateries, and unknown gems you won’t find anywhere else.

We solve the frustration of poorly planned and run-of-the-mill trips for the international traveler. Whether it’s our custom travel guide, personal planning, or small group tours, we use our vast experience to expertly craft your ideal adventure. Maximize your time, money, and enjoyment with Guidester.

Every trip should feel like the trip of a lifetime!


What We Do

Guidester is an innovative travel and tour company specializing in Europe. Using unique tools and expertise we help you plan and live out those unforgettable travel adventures you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Custom Travel Guide

$20 per travel day

Receive a custom digital travel guide to Europe that downloads to your phone, curated from local experts giving you the best recommendations on what to experience in each destination you visit.

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Personal Planning

$100 per person

From planning an itinerary to booking hotels, airfare, and tours, Guidester will help you navigate international travel, ensuring you don’t make mistakes and helping you avoid common pitfalls.


Guided Tours

$4100 starting at

Hand-crafted small group tours to Europe led personally by the Guidester President himself, leading you through those unique places and unforgettable adventures you won’t get anywhere else.


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Why Choose Us

Custom & Tailor Made

Guidester is made just for you. From attractions, local tours, best places to eat, to off the beaten path hidden gems, your custom travel guide is tailor-made to the experience you want.

Simple & Time Saving

Guidester saves you hours of time with overwhelming research, includes those hard to find authentic local gems you’re looking for, and helps you maximize your experience.

Authentic Experiences

Anyone can visit the Colosseum, but how easy is it to find those unique experiences like having dinner in a local Roman home, or having lunch at an underground cafe in London?

Single Source

Everything you need in one place means you don’t need carry around bulky guidebooks, or paper maps, or a dozen spreadsheets. All you need is Guidester to have a safe and successful trip.

Sustainable Tools

Guidester Guides are 100% digital - we don’t print a single shred of paper to produce any printed guidebooks or paper maps - so you help protect the environment.

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