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Guidester connects people to their destination by creating a custom travel guide. We save travelers stress with destination research and help maximize their overall experience.

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Are you afraid you’re going to miss opportunities?

There is a lot to know about each destination you visit, and having the right information can make or break your experience. Don’t miss out on the local hidden gems or favorite hot spots.

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Would you like the research done for you?

Travelers are left overwhelmed sifting through bulky guidebooks and spending countless hours researching online. People spend more time planning a trip than they actually spend enjoying it.  You need the comfort knowing you have the best, most accurate information on each destination you visit.

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Generic guidebooks and online articles are not customized to your personal interests and needs. You require more focused information to have the experience that you really want.

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Your custom travel guide is built in real time, by real people,
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The guidebook was very helpful in making my trip to Ireland a success! I stay very busy with work and had no time to research prior to my travels. The work was done for me with Guidester. My guidebook highlighted the local attractions at each stop along my trip. I would definitely recommend their services, particularly if you are planning to travel to an unfamiliar destination.

Tina & Wally G. – USA Roadtrip, July 2017

When we were planning our trip one thing I didn’t want was a bus tour. I didn’t want to be herded around. However, I wasn’t familiar with Ireland. We needed a little guidance. That’s exactly what Guidester gave us. Our book was tailor made just for us. Every city we were staying in had the hotel and address listed. We also had awesome attractions listed to visit. Guidester gave us the times the attraction opened and closed and the cost. Restaurants were recommended for each city as well as shopping areas. Guidester let us take our dream trip and do it our way! Thank you Guidester!

Hames, G. – Ireland, June 2017

My husband and I spent two weeks in southern England and relied on the Guidebook from start to finish. From what to see, what to eat, and how to get there, the Guidebook was invaluable. We were provided with pertinent logistic information as well as the most interesting pubs and restaurants. We experienced small towns and pubs that we would never have ventured into had it not been for the wealth of information the Guidebook contained. It took all of the guesswork out of enjoying the history and beauty of England. I will without hesitation use its expertise in future travel!

Beth & Craig, B. – London & Paris, July 2017

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