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Guidester is your personal travel guide, providing objective and detailed information on attractions, dining, activities, events, shopping, nightlife, and local customs, all customized to your travel style and interests. And the best part is that, unlike a live tour guide, you’re not tied to a schedule or a group.

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What People Are Saying

“Without the guidebook, we would not have been able to get lost in the history and sights available to us on our destinations throughout Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France.” -Shaheen, S.
“I truly believe we were able to accomplish more because of the detailed, and targeted assistance from our guide. We will use this service again in the future!” – Laupp Family
“The process was so easy and the end result was impressive. With Guidester’s help we had the most romantic dinner at a local place that I would have never found. The guidebook was filled with great info that helped guide our honeymoon and really made it an unforgettable experience.” -Matt & Liz