Must See Attractions in Belgrade, Serbia

belgrade serbia

Belgrade, the bustling capital of Serbia, brims with historical charm and cultural depth, making it a worthy place to visit for travelers of many tastes.

From ancient fortresses to bustling bohemian streets, there are plenty of must see attractions in Belgrade that offers a unique blend of historical intrigue and contemporary flair.

Kalemegdan Fortress

Kalemegdan Fortress

At the heart of Belgrade’s historical narrative is the majestic Kalemegdan Fortress. Perched atop the confluence of the River Sava and Danube, this fortress is not just an ancient military bastion but also a cultural hub.

Within its walls, visitors can explore the Military Museum, admire the rustic Ruzica Church, and take in panoramic views of Belgrade and beyond. The Statue of the Victor stands as a proud reminder of Serbia’s resilience, making it a top entry on the list of must see attractions in Belgrade.

Saint Sava Temple

Saint Sava Temple

The monumental Saint Sava Temple, one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, showcases exquisite Serbian Byzantine art and architecture.

The temple’s massive dome and white marble walls are visible from many parts of the city, inviting visitors to explore its serene interior and impressive crypt. Impressive interior decorations add to the allure, promising a blend of spiritual and artistic enrichment.

Skadarlija (Bohemian Quarter)

No visit to Belgrade would be complete without a stroll through Skadarlija, the city’s vibrant Bohemian Quarter. This charming cobblestone street echoes with the sounds of traditional Serbian music and the enticing aromas of local foods.

Restaurants and cafes line the street, offering authentic Balkan dishes and a festive atmosphere, making it a great visit for anyone wanting to experience Belgrade’s lively cultural scene.

Nikola Tesla Museum

Dedicated to the ingenious inventor, the Nikola Tesla Museum is one of the electrifying must see attractions in Belgrade. The museum houses numerous personal artifacts, exhibits, and interactive displays that bring Tesla’s scientific contributions to life.

Visitors can even view the urn containing Tesla’s ashes and engage with demonstrations that make his theories accessible to all ages.

Republic Square

republic square belgrade

Republic Square stands as a central meeting point and a historic hub in Belgrade. Flanked by the National Museum and the National Theatre, this square is not just a place for artistic and cultural events but also a space where the city’s vibrant life pulses visibly.

Visitors can enjoy the architecture, frequent outdoor performances, and the general buzz of city life.

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Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija

Known as Belgrade’s seaside, Ada Ciganlija is a river island turned peninsula that offers a plethora of recreational activities.

From swimming and biking in the summer to peaceful walks along its shores, Ada is a favorite among locals and visitors. This spot is ideal for those looking to relax or engage in sports, making it a versatile must see attraction in Belgrade.


zemun belgrade

The historic neighborhood of Zemun offers a different vibe with its quaint architecture and the scenic Gardos Tower. 

The promenade along the Danube River is perfect for those who enjoy leisurely walks with stunning views. Zemun’s market and riverside restaurants also offer a taste of local life and culinary delights.

Museum of Contemporary Art

For art lovers, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade presents a vast array of Serbian and international modern art. 

The museum’s dynamic exhibitions and special events are continually updated, providing insights into the creative minds that have shaped and continue to influence the art world.

And That’s A Wrap!

Belgrade is a city of layers, each telling a different story, full of unique sights and sounds. 

From historical fortresses to lively cultural streets, the must see attractions in Belgrade promise a comprehensive and enriching travel experience that will captivate any visitor looking to explore the depths of Serbia’s capital.

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