7 Simple Travel Safety Tips for Travelers Abroad

There are so many steps and plans to ensure that your trip is a smooth one, with as little bumps as possible. With all the planning and foresight, so many things can still go wrong. You could find yourself a victim of online scamming, identity theft, or common petty theft. Here are a few basic travel safety tips to lower your risk while traveling abroad. 

1. Proper Research

Make sure to do proper research before traveling. Familiarize yourself as well as possible with the country you are going, and avoid ignorance. Learn about the cultural norms and practices, political happenings, safety, and any parts that are to be best avoided. Avoid going on your trip and meeting surprises so, do your research well before traveling.

2. Avoid Flashiness

It may be tempting to cruise around the country with your expensive cars and flashy jewelry but, remember to not flash your wealth too much. You are in a place where you are considered a foreigner so; you are more of a target to scammers and thieves. Even pickpockets would see you as an easier target if you have ‘tourist’ written all over you, so do your best to carry little cash around with you.

3. Blend in

Another important travel safety tip is to do your best to blend in with your surroundings and not stand out too much as a foreigner. With adequate research to back you up, you should be able to fit in easily with the locals, especially if they do not speak a foreign language. Be careful to not offend any cultures with improper dressing or language, especially if you are visiting a place of worship.

4. Confirm your Transport

You don’t want to be a victim of a missed or canceled flight so, stay on guard and always check to make sure your flight has not been disrupted in any way. Book your tickets in advance if you can, so you can make alternate arrangements in case of any technical difficulties. You can also travel with a handy map to avoid getting lost when you land.

5. Learn the Lingo

If you are traveling to a country where they speak a foreign language, you may not be able to learn the language fluently, but you should familiarize yourself with basic phrases like ‘I need a hospital/police station’ or ‘please help me’.

6. Prevent Identity Theft

It would surprise you just how often people become victims of identity theft. You may think only dummies and gullible people are targets but, don’t be surprised if you find yourself a victim. You can take steps to prevent identity theft during your travels by learning all the different methods that are used to defraud travelers.

7. Travel Insurance

You may see getting insurance as something only worriers bother with but, you should really consider taking one out if you’re going to travel. Your insurance would cover most of any mishaps that could occur including; loss of items, injury and, theft.


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