Beautiful But Weird London Museums

When on a free walking tour across the city of London, you will see tons of beautiful museums. Some of them are ordinary, others are extraordinary, and others are, well, weird. Here are 7 of these weird London museums.

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1. Grant Museum of Zoology

This museum is home to skulls of most of the near-extinct animals and all of the extinct species and is one definitely one of the weird London museums. Expect to come across gruesome exhibits on display, including shark vertebrae, Hawksbill turtles, a collection of bisected heads, dodo bones, and dinosaur skulls. There are pigeon holes around the museum that are used by the facility’s zoology staff and students for the visual and visceral representation of the ongoing projects. You will easily locate what you’ll be looking for.

2. Leighton House Museum

The beautiful interior décor in this museum is the one that makes it unusual. It is named after its former owner, Victorian artist Lord Frederic Leighton. You will have a chance to see and touch some of the legendary artist’s original works, a collection of shimmering Islamic tiles, and some of the most lavish furniture from back in his days. Some of the arts and furniture are contemporary, but they still have a uniqueness that you definitely will never see elsewhere.

3. Old Operating Theater

Located at St. Thomas Street, London, this is a perfect stopover on your way to or from the London Bridge. With less than USD $10, you will have the chance to see the most spectacular exhibition about medical equipment the city has to offer. This was an operating theater during the Victorian period so, if you are fascinated by the history of medicine, you will surely enjoy exploring how the industry operated before anesthetics came into force.

4. Pollock’s Toy Museum

Do you love to play? Just take a tour of this old Fitzrovia townhouse, which has never been restored as a way of maintaining its original touch. There are tons of quirky collections dedicated to the world of the play; we are talking wax dolls, dolls’ houses, board games, marbles, puppet… you name it! And if that is not exciting enough, what about a date with the world’s oldest teddy bear? There is also an Ancient Egyptian toy mouse on display, a toy mouse that was made many centuries ago out of- believe it or not- Nile clay. It’s always more fun if you can find a buddy who can give you a free walking tour in London and offer you to visit Pollock’s.

5. British Dental Association Dental Museum, Marylebone

The BDA Dental Museum is a mystery even to the natives of London. Although it was incepted a century ago, some Londoners are still oblivious to its existence, which makes it even more worthy of your time if you love unearthing mysteries. 

The richness of the history found in this facility is very significant to the world of today. For one, it was founded sometimes in 1919 as a commemoration (though not official) of the qualification of the first-ever female dentist in the UK, Ms. Lilian Lindsay. As a matter of fact, the lady donated a lot of the facility’s old dental instruments, all of which are now on display at the museum.

A hundred years down the line, the museum boasts of over 20,000 items on display, most of them being dental instruments and traditional furniture. You will also have the chance to see photographs and art that dates back to a century ago. It’s easy to see why this makes the list of weird London museums.

6. Fan Museum

With just about 5 bucks, you will have a field day in this fascinating museum. It is located along 12 Crooms Hill.

While here, allow yourself to be submerged in the obsession of fans. And if fans fascinate you, then welcome home. The collection of fans dating many centuries ago is simply amazing and mind-blowing. You will have the chance to interact with over 4,000 hand fans from the ancient times, some of which are 1,000 years old; others are older! As a matter of fact, there isn’t another fan collection of this magnitude and stature anywhere else on the planet. 

7. The Magic Circle Museum

Do you love magic? If yes, then this exciting club for magicians will knock your socks off. Magicians from across the UK assemble here to make your experience in London truly magical. Casual visits aren’t allowed here, plus you will have to pay a handsome amount to be allowed access, but the experience is worth the hustle. 

The museum hosts an array of shows that will blow your mind. Other fun things to do include taking part in paid tours, magical productions, and if you are lucky, witnessing the museum’s occasional open days. 

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