How to Conquer Paris in Two Days

Paris is a magical place. From the ambiance of the Eiffel Tower to the culture-filled streets, everyone should visit at sometime or another. Even if you are only in town for two days, it is possible to conquer it. Here are some travel tips and must-see sights for your time in Paris.

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5 Must See Sights while in Paris

1. City Streets

While in Paris, it is necessary to start your day with a croissant and espresso, trust me. Then, travel to local markets and shop and explore. The food is delicious and the people are fantastic. Paris has some of the best souvenirs. I mean, who wouldn’t want an Eiffel Tower keychain?

Paris Pont Alexander Iii Bridge Seine River France

2. The Louvre

The Louvre is wonderful museum is totally worth the visit. This is where you will find the historic Mona Lisa. Because of its size, get there early so you have enough time to view the multiple exhibits. Make sure to grab photos outside in the courtyard as well!


The Guidester Difference: To save HOURS standing in line, do not enter through the main entrance at the glass pyramids.  Instead, enter via the “secret” Porte de Richelieu entrance to virtually skip the lines altogether!

3. Sainte Chapelle

A masterpiece of Flamboyant Gothic architecture built by Saint Louis in the heart of the Palais de la Cité on the Ile de la Cité in Paris. Discover its unique beauty which many believe is more spectacular than the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

4. The Arc De Triomphe

Not only are the streets filled with unique markets and shops but there is literally gorgeous architecture at each turn. The Arc De Triomphe is near the Eiffel Tower and a big tourist destination. Grab a couple photos then head over to a food truck under the Eiffel Tower!

Tip: For a small fee, you can climb the Arc De Triomphe for amazing views – definitely worth it!


5. The Eiffel Tower-At Night

The Eiffel Tower totally lives up to its expectation. Grab a blanket on the way out your door and take a seat on the lawn. At dusk, the tower becomes a timeless sparkle show of lights.

The Guidester Difference: We highly recommend visiting right before sunset. Capturing this beauty in all its glory as the sun sets over the river is priceless. This will be the highlight of your trip!

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Paris at night

Essential Tips for Paris

1. Eat Crepes!

You cannot possibly “Do Paris” without indulging in a crepe. Right under the Eiffel Tower are food trucks and other local vendors. If you like chocolate, be sure to get a Nutella and banana filled one! After you enjoy your crepe, head to the lawn of the tower for a sunset to remember.

2. Bring a good camera

Make sure to bring a high-quality camera with you on your voyage so you can capture the true beauty of all these sights.

3. Stay near the city center

Staying close to one of the major attractions will make your trip easier. However, there is no need to worry about transportation while in Paris. It is easy to travel about the city by foot and train and still see all the sights.

4. Wear good walking shoes

Good walking shoes are important for Paris. Since walking is the easiest way to see the sights listed above, make sure to bring a good pair of tennis shoes or Crocs!

5. Go to a local restaurant

Local restaurants are the best in Paris. They never treat you like an outsider and the food is always delicious. I recommend trying multiple restaurants while in town, you can’t really go wrong with anything!

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