Paris Tourist Traps to Skip and What to See In Instead

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Paris is the cultural capital of the world, plain and simple, and no matter where you end up in this city and which landmark you decide to visit, you will not make a mistake. Having stated that, you should also know that, considering just how much unrelenting beauty this city offers, you can easily [...]

4 Secrets to the Vatican City: Tips to ensure getting the most out of your visit

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Rome is a magically historic city, and no trip is complete without at least one day in the Vatican City. When planning your Vatican excursion, take these four tips into consideration. 1. Taking photos in and around the Vatican City The Vatican City is a location full of spiritual essence and tradition. The architecture is magnificent; the [...]

7 Shocking Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About St. Patrick and Ireland

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Everything you thought you knew about St. Patrick and the Irish tradition of St. Patrick's Day is probably all wrong. Proud of your Irish heritage? Test your knowledge by counting how many of the following 7 shocking facts you know about St. Patrick and Ireland. 1. St. Patrick was not Irish That's right. He wasn't [...]

Churchill Lives Tour, 2018

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Have you always wanted to take a trip you would remember forever? Welcome to Churchill Lives. We have partnered with local media enterprise EG Media Group to bring you something truly once in a lifetime. Churchill Lives is an exclusive 10 day tour of southern England that captures the life of Sir Winston Churchill, led by Sir Winston's [...]

17 Best Places to Travel in 2018

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Deciding where to travel this year? If you're like us you love to travel. But, with so much beauty in the world it's not easy deciding where to go next.  Guidester has been looking to the year ahead to pick some of the best destinations worth visiting in coming months. Whether you’re after secluded beaches, a close-up [...]

Top 10 Things to Do in Edinburgh: What You Absolutely Can NOT Miss

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Edinburgh is one of the neatest capital cities of Europe. The capital of Scotland has a long and illustrious tradition spanning over 600 years, which has preserved the a vibrant historic district.  But Edinburgh has kept up with the times leaving the city a beautiful mix of new and old. The city has undergone many [...]

Best Places In Switzerland: Beyond Zurich & Geneva

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Everybody knows Switzerland –surrounded by the Alps and with several beautiful lakes Switzerland offers some breathtaking views and places that you can’t miss when you’re there. Here are some of the best places to visit in Switzerland. Related: 3 Reasons You Absolutely Have To Visit Switzerland Lauterbrunnen This is an obvious choice, however a [...]

9 Sites You Can’t Miss In Athens, Greece

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Named after the goddess of power and wisdom, Athens quickly became one of the most powerful cities in Greece. It is the birthplace of democracy, arts, and some of the most prominent thinkers the world has come to known. Athens is a majestic, strong and pulsating city that brings the past to life. Take [...]

Walking the Streets of Venice

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There are plenty of museums, monuments, and points of interest worth seeing, but the real gem is exploring the narrow streets and tight passageways.  Built on over 100 small islets, the center of Venice is crossed by 118 canals and linked by over 400 hundred bridges.  Absolutely bursting with picturesque beauty around every corner, Venice truly [...]

Avignon: Ancient City of the Popes

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Capital of Christendom in the Middle Ages, Avignon is famous as the city to which the Popes fled when leaving the corruption of Rome in the 14th century.  There are many other important attractions in Avignon, including the Pope's Palace, now a museum and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Avignon is well known as a [...]