History of the World

Understanding the history of a location is essential to fully grasping the culture. Get a quick history lesson in these posts about destinations across the globe before heading out on that next vacation!

Trier, Porta Nigra

Trier: Germany's Oldest City

On the banks of the Moselle River lies Trier, Germany’s oldest city.  The city was founded as a Roman colony in 16 B.C. by Emperor Augustus, and became the favored residence of several Roman emperors which was even sometimes called “Roma Secunda”, the second Rome.  Nowhere else in Germany is the evidence of Roman times as …

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Leadville, colorado

Leadville: The Highest City in the U.S.

The highest incorporated city in the United States is Leadville, Colorado.  Standing at 10,152 feet, the small mountain town is situated in the heart of Rocky Mountains and surrounded by stunning natural beauty.   Snow capped peaks, large lakes, and wide valleys immortalize a timeless landscape.  The small population of 2,600 inhabitants, caters to year round …

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history of the world: chicago

History of The World: Chicago

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History of The World Istanbul

History of The World: Istanbul

Formerly known as Constantinople, and before that as Byzantium, Istanbul was founded at a crossroads between Europe and Asia, Christianity and Islam.  The first inhabitants of modern day Istanbul date back to the first millennia BC. The city’s  original name comes from  Byzas, the king of Megara, who took his colonists here in the 7th …

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History of The World: Ayutthaya, Thailand

The ancient city of Ayutthaya, or Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, The Thai capital for 417 years, is one of Thailand’s major tourist attractions. During the period of Ayutthaya being the Thai capital, 33 Kings of different dynasties ruled the kingdom until it was sacked by the Burmese in 1767. Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 AD …

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History of The World: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona history is full of conquer, defeat, and repeat. It has long been a major cultural center. It has an abundance of archives and libraries, including dozens of specialized collections, many of which are in private hands. Barcelona is in fact one of the major publishing centers for the Spanish-speaking world, and the Fiesta del Libro …

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johannesburg sunset

History of The World: Johannesburg

Johannesburg, located in Transvaal, is the capital of South Africa and started its humble beginnings in 1886 when an Australian prospector, George Harrison, discovered gold in the Witwatersrand. It didn’t take long before word got around that gold was to be found in the Witwatersrand and gold hunters from all over the world made the trek …

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History of The World: Florence, Italy

Interestingly, the city was originally founded by the Roman general Sulla in 80 B.C. as an army colony and named Fluentia, owing its name to the location being between two rivers. Despite initial flourishing and success, in the centuries to pass the city would become stagnant under Gothic and Byzantine rule and would not see …

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