Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for Those with Wanderlust

Is your loved one on your Valentin’s Day shopping list a globe-trotting adventurer who loves everything from road trips to new experiences abroad? You may not be able to buy them a ticket to their next destination, but we have collected our top picks for travel-lovers. You are sure to find the perfect valentines travel gift anyone with wanderlust would love to unwrap.

1. Monogrammed Gear

No matter where their destination lands them, having a water tumbler or mug is an absolute must. Monogrammed options make for a more personal gift and ensures your explorer can easily identify their special bottle. Because durability matters in this case, choose options that are insulated and vacuum-sealed to keep their drinks at the perfect temperature.

Similarly, find monogrammed travel bags to make picking up their luggage at claims much faster.

2. Noise-canceling Headphones

Who can even dream of traveling to new places without some favorite tunes to set the mood? Noise-canceling headphones are the perfect addition to any music lover’s travel bag. Plus, cutting out ambient noise during a long flight or stay at a hotel can help ensure the giftee is well-rested. Give them the gift of their very own adventure soundtrack this year, and you may just inspire their next journey.

3. Versatile Wardrobe Pieces

 Want to help them pack and dress easier? Give them the gift of basic clothing items they can pair and wear in comfort. For example, a trendy reversible vest in a nice go-with-anything color or a simple shirt they can wear to hike the woods as well as to taste local cuisine at the city center are both great and versatile options.

Keep their travel bag light and well-stocked, and they may just have room in their carry-on for a trinket or two from their adventure. 

4. Comfy and Stylish Jeans

Spending time on a plane or in a car can be uncomfortable in the wrong clothes, and it can be tricky to know what to pack when going to an unfamiliar place. Help your traveler with both of these issues by presenting them with stylish denim jeans. These timeless basics are great for most weather conditions and the durable fabric means they’ll survive treks through the desert.

Tip: Just make sure to choose a pair that fits their style and is made of premium denim so they can wash and wear without worry.

5. Fun Reading Material

Most of the time, the wanderer on your list will be busy meeting new people and exploring the unknown, but they may have downtime during flights, before bed, or even at the beach, and makes good reading material a great valentines travel gift. 

For those moments of relaxation, give them a great book to read. For those who love a good story, choose a short novel they’ll be able to enjoy and finish during their travels. For those who prefer more informational texts, wrap up a detailed guidebook all about their dream destination. Or, go a step further and get a custom travel guide created for them!

6. Healthy Food for Energy

No travel bag is complete without a good snack supply. Luckily, there are tons of nutritious foods that are easy to toss in a bag and go. Cracker packs, granola bars, pretzels, and trail mix are some of the traditional foods you could use to round off your gift.

If your giftee is really adventurous, how about stuffing their stocking with some cricket protein bars? In addition to providing a whopping dose of protein (great fuel for those taxing adventures), cricket powder will also provide your friend or family member with necessary B12 vitamins!

7. Travel Beauty Kit

Your favorite wanderer’s beauty regimen doesn’t need to be abandoned just because she’s traveling. In fact, being on the road can be an exciting time to try out new products. A great valentines travel gift is a complete travel makeup brush kit that includes at least a brush for blush, foundation, eyeshadow, and contouring. Ideally, these will come with a cute and handy carrying case she can keep in her carry-on.

8. Travel-Friendly Skin Care Products

Everyone knows that being away from home can be exciting, yet challenging. Even those with wanderlust want to look and feel fresh as they take in all the new sights. Face cleanser wipes and travel-sized bottles of makeup remover are great, but go the extra mile this year and give them a rotating cleansing tool that can get out the deep-down grime after a long day of play. Because they are often compact and water-resistant, they are a favorite for those who are always on-the-go.

9. Style Kits for Men

For men who are on the road and need the essentials, a small kit of styling must-haves makes a perfect gift. Emergency items like nail clippers, breath drops, lip balm, band aids, safety pins, and deodorant towelettes are all things your giftee is likely to need (but not actively remember to pack!), no matter where he’s going. Look for a kit that includes a classic bag to keep everything in one easy-to-access place.

10. The Gift of Time

If the wanderer on your list likes to keep track of time, even on vacation, then how about giving them a sophisticated and durable watch? Some evergreen trends for timepieces are comfortable leather bands or durable stainless steel versions. Choose a model that will fit their style and they’ll never miss their flight or dinner reservations.

You may not be able to bankroll their next adventure, but you can ensure they are prepared and comfortable, no matter where their wanderlust takes them next. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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