3 Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Travel Bag

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Choosing your first travel bag for your big trip can help ease some of the hassles you’ll experience while you’re traveling. For example, If you choose a bag that’s too big, heavy, or bulky, you may have difficulty maneuvering it in tight quarters on a bus or a train – even though you might end [...]

Dubai Travel Tips: What to Know Before You Go

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Dubai is one of the most glamorous cities in the world. A vacation to this growing city is one that you won't forget. The city is deeply rooted in cultural tradition and yet has a modern outlook, making it the most liberal Islamic country in the world. Every country has its own rules, and [...]

How To Do A Proper Road Trip in Victoria, Australia

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One of the biggest wishes of many tourists around the world is to visit Australia and see all the treasures that the land Down Under has to offer. However, not many know what kind of a trip they need to take there if they want to experience the best of this amazing country. The [...]

Paris Tourist Traps to Skip and What to See In Instead

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Paris is the cultural capital of the world, plain and simple, and no matter where you end up in this city and which landmark you decide to visit, you will not make a mistake. Having stated that, you should also know that, considering just how much unrelenting beauty this city offers, you can easily [...]

6 Ways to Experience Sydney like a Local

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Sydney is a place where everyone can feel at home. It is a staggeringly vibrant web of streets and boulevards filled with people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. If the streets of The Harbour City are veins, these people are the very blood that courses through them furiously every day. Because of this, the [...]

4 Secrets to the Vatican City: Tips to ensure getting the most out of your visit

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Rome is a magically historic city, and no trip is complete without at least one day in the Vatican City. When planning your Vatican excursion, take these four tips into consideration. 1. Taking photos in and around the Vatican City The Vatican City is a location full of spiritual essence and tradition. The architecture is magnificent; the [...]

Visiting Glacier National Park During Shoulder Season: Dos and Don’ts

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Glacier National Park is a glorious US Park that is best seen and experienced with preplanning and during peak season.  Take it from me; I had it in my mind from year one that our 5th wedding anniversary would be spent in Glacier National Park.  Even though the destination was set in my mind years in advance, I didn’t start [...]

Essential Tech Gadgets Every Traveler Should Pack

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Traveling on business, or simply for pleasure – both tend to come with their own set of inconveniences along the road. Planes full of people, traffic jams, and problematic online connections in hotels all tend to make it difficult to get something done and release all that stress that has been building up in [...]

Churchill Lives Tour, 2018

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Have you always wanted to take a trip you would remember forever? Welcome to Churchill Lives. We have partnered with local media enterprise EG Media Group to bring you something truly once in a lifetime. Churchill Lives is an exclusive 10 day tour of southern England that captures the life of Sir Winston Churchill, led by Sir Winston's [...]

17 Best Places to Travel in 2018

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Deciding where to travel this year? If you're like us you love to travel. But, with so much beauty in the world it's not easy deciding where to go next.  Guidester has been looking to the year ahead to pick some of the best destinations worth visiting in coming months. Whether you’re after secluded beaches, a close-up [...]